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[Oh phew, Internet died, all post progress deleted; BUT I COPIED THE ENTIRE POST TO A NEW NOTEPAD FILE. Go me.]

“Sorry for changing your underwear, Mohan-sama”

MOHAN=KI=(my = =/= your =, see the difference? ===)ET・DOGURA comes to DOGURA the EARTH. The Earth is very DOGURA but then suddenly LUNA=”I’m=Mad”・DOGURA comes to DOGURA the Earth even DOGURA. The DOGURA is DOGURA the EARTH when DOGURA, a DOGURA DOGURAS a DOGURA to DOGURA.

Anyways, Mohan’s Baka’s younger brother, a super awesome alien who insists on showing off how he selected a more manly human body than the other Dogurans, and Luna’s Baka’s wife-to-be, a super awesome alien who insists on showing off how when she was a child-dogura on Dogura, she possessed a human body, and thus Baka being with Luna can be considered beastiality/aliensex, even though it’s obvious from episode 1 (2?) when Kraft & Co. (they’re good at making dinners) first came onto Earth that they’re Dogurans on Dogura, not Earthlings.

Mohan and Luna are super-conservative, supporting the tradition that the first prince must become King, and that Stephen Harper is the best guy since that other Conservative guy who got elected to some fancy position. Baka hates conservatives and demands that Christy Clark become Prime Minister because the Premier of BC must BE SEEing more than all those other fancy people, and what am I even talking about

Baka passed this bill, so if he didn’t marry Luna before he turns 18… trillion years old (hint: Dogura spins ’round like a record, 33.3 times a minute, and it would also be closer to maybe 500 billion years), Mohan would become King.

In an Earth month, he’ll turn 18 trillion (or was it 500 billion?) years old.

So, Mohan and Luna arrive at Yukitaka’s house immediately to begin the marriage ceremony.

Baka, with Kraft & Co., drive away, but also notice that Mohan’s bodyguards aren’t there. What’s more, his escape vessel still hasn’t been found by Mohan, meaning he can simply go away into space and THEN HE CAN’T FIND HIM.

“And so this is the iPad3, it’s four times larger than an iPad2, which is four times larger than an iPad”

Mohan and Luna stay the night in Yukitaka’s house, and Baka realizes that THE PLANET! IT’S BLOCKED. YOU CAN’T RUN AWAY WHEN THE DOGURA DOGURA YOUR DOGURA!!!

What’s more, TENS OF THOUSANDS of DOGURAS are DOGURING Earth, and Mohan reveals affirms that those vessels are here to WITNESS THE MARRIAGE CEREMONY.

Blah blah blah Luna is the name of our moon blah blah blah and SUDDENLY BAKA FINDS THAT KOLIN’s A kommunist SPY FOR LUNA and blah blah blah WHAT THERE’S AN ENVELOPE blah blah OK ENVELOPE OPEN blah blah lolcliffhanger.


Man, this show.

I love how they manage to perfectly blend in humour with seriousness – it’s not like they’ve got everything finished, everything set, and then the director says ‘ok, now we’ll put in a punchline here, and now yukitaka will do random crap to baka here’; no. Here, the humour is almost integral to the effect of the seriousness. Really, without humour, even the seriousness would be laughable. I mean, it’s a weeding ceremony, what could be less important than pulling out a bunch of weeds?

Somehow, they’ve also managed to put in every type of show there is – slice of life, high school life, middle school life, romantic comedy, just comedy, science fiction, just fiction, drama, OH MY GOD THE EARTH IS DOGURA, even sports. And it makes sense (well, not the mermaid nor the sports episode)!

As for some things, I have a feeling the joke’s on Baka this episode. The TV static that Mohan and Luna were laughing at may be an alien broadcast into Earth about how Baka’s so stupid, or a message from some person that Baka’s been tricked and found out that there were indeed spy equipment in their room (which was a double-trap, obviously!), or something of the like. Regardless of what’s going to happen, and I don’t think anyone of us can predict what will happen (you mangareaders go away), I’m sure that next episode will be the episode that will make or break this series.

Of course, there won’t be any kara reinjas. Of course, Prince Baka will go back-a.

But a guy can hope, can’t he?


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