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Fractale Half Season Review [Completed]

Wow, what was that.

A lot of people been hating on this ending, but I think it was quite alright.

“What, I was just sleeping here”

Fractale concludes with the Lost Millennium infiltrating the Temple whilst blowing a lot of things up.

Klein, Nessa, and Phryne go up to space in a space elevator, where they learn the truth of the Fractale system.

No, not really, it was just a little girl.

But Klein does learn about the truth of the Lost Millennium – they were created, not to oppose Fractale, but to help man rediscover what it meant to be human.

A year passes, and one day, Klein finds a new Phryne, but with Nessa’s mind, on his bed.

nudge nudge wink wink

It was not a messed up amalgamation of random crap, I tell you.

Fractale fared better than even some amazing series (such as Level E) in terms of sheer plot connectivity.

The anime never drifted away from its plot (except on such excursions such as Nessa) – there were no Yumekui Merry Episode 7s in this show.

What’s better – there were a lot of explosions! And they were fancy explosions!

Fractale’s art really was quite amazing; never mind what I said about its trailer. The music was enjoyable too; I think I felt shivers at the ending, it was just so dramatic.

she’s also being cut in half

Though, of course, nobody expected the ending to be there, and that’s not a good thing.

To be honest, the ending’s out of place-ness made it suck quite a bit, but hey, we’ve got to deal with it.

You have to think of Fractale as a story joined together by a concept, rather than as a story that has a concept.

Because this is the world god only knows

When you look back, you’ll find one thing that’s prevalent among every single episode of Fractale – humanity. What does it mean to be human? From freedom at the beginning, to love, means vs. ends, technology vs. nature – every single part of Fractale covers a part of being human.

That’s what Fractale really was a tale of. Never mind the plot holes, never mind that both his parents seemed to have died and he didn’t care, never mind how little defence the most important place in the world has.

Fractale was a tale of love.

Somebody probably wants to do this to me now.

And so, I’ve got nothing left to say.

It is pretty stupid how God always ties in to all of these kinds of anime. Madoka had her becoming a God, Angel Beats! had them rejecting God, and now Fractale has her revealing she’s a God.

It is funny how in all cases, God is female – quite contrary to popular logic, isn’t it?

Perhaps this is due to the long-standing opinion of males destroying (deal with it, we’re evil people), and females healing/creating (deal with it, now make me a sandwich); God doesn’t destroy, God only creates.

Perhaps it’s also because a female God is more attractive than a male one.

Wow, I really am screencap’ing more than I can handle.

Yes, Fractale was a tale of humanity.

A tale of life.

Overall Rating: 5/10 (Great)

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