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Blood Lad 2

Anyways, this girl, Fuyumi Yanagi, is… dead.

Staz is a vampire, and he finds out about the existence of a “BLACK CURTAIN” that Yanagi walked through. Unfortunately only high-level demons can walk through it so wait, what

He wants to walk through the curtain so he can walk the walk and talk the talk and balk the balk and ralk the ralk and aaaaalk the aardvarks in the human world.

So he goes to this pettan person with three eyes, Satie, who should obviously be the main character of the story. The three eye person uses the ULTIMATE ALL-SEEING EYE and finds out that Yanagi is a pervert who wears men’s clothing for fun and profit.

Anyways this is all fine and swell and dandy but then Staz announces that HE WANTS TO GO TO THE HUMAN WORLD TOO. Deku and Yoshida, a new recruit that’s also a mimic, gasp at this because they have suddenly arrived coincidentally.

This is terribad because if Staz goes away suddenly CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION

But then Yoshida reveals his special ability – he transforms into anyone he wants to be! So of course Yoshida becomes Barbie but when Staz tells him that he can become the boss, Yoshida becomes Staz and party all day yeah the end what sure cool.

This is like SWOT but with worse art and worse plotline and worse characters

I haven’t given anything a 1/10 yet, so I guess I’ll keep on reading so that I can do that…

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