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Level E 13 [Completed]


Oh man, this was like Occult Academy all over again.

To be honest the end was extremely sudden and horrible, but the twist actually made sense, and they really pulled it off spectacularly (not really).

I totally expected Yukitaka to do that at the beginning, and Baka to do /that/ after finding out Colin was a spy. What I don’t get is why Mohan and Baka were fighting with their human bodies (we never got to see Baka use his ultimate attack). Actually, how did Baka know about Luna’s mole? They’re not humans, they’re DOGURA and MOGURA or whateverians. When Kraft Foods & Co. landed on Earth, they flipped a switch to turn into humans. Remember? They used to be weird tentacle monsters (but I deleted the episode so I guess no screenshot). They’re not humans! Why did Mohan practice with a sword when he can just get a buffer human body? Why can’t Luna just tell Baka she changed human bodies when coming to Earth?! That was a major flaw but really, this conclusion solidly concluded the series.

Wait, solidly?

No, not really.

It was like Occult Academy, as I said – interesting start, horrible middle, and they leapt into a badass end too early. Sure, the end was awesome and everything was wrapped together neatly, but they were wrapping it way too fast. The plot should have been thicker, this final arc three episodes long; just skip the crappy baseball and mermaid episodes and make some anime-original extra content! The last arc really was quite unfulfilling.

Still, I was /not/ expecting that last twist – though if I were more observant/looked at how much time there was left, I probably could have guessed :v

KARA REINJA didn’t appear, which was kinda sad, and lowered my rating from a 10/10 to whatever it is now. :(

To be honest, many things were incredibly stupid – the grasshopper, Kraft taking over the ship so quickly (if they lengthened that somehow, it would have been much better), Mohan, Luna, and Colin’s intentions (WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!), and the sudden ‘I THINK HUMANS HAVE REALIZED IT’, so eh. The middle really was horrible, and there, creativity may not have been a good thing.

I guess people only remember the beginning and end, though, and believe me when I say that that end was AWESOME.

Definitely, it goes up with Occult Academy, and possibly Shiki/Madoka (haven’t watched either) in terms of AWESOME ENDINGS.

And, with Fractale and possibly Madoka, this is my favourite anime of the season.


6/10 (Amazing)

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  1. Brittany

    I think I can agree with these reviews for the most part, though I seemed to have enjoyed it all more, but there was one major misunderstanding you had:

    The Dogurans and Magrans (sp?) are aliens, but they all look human. There was no flip they switched to look human. And that tentacle-like monster that Baka “revealed” was to be himself and the people of his race … it was revealed in the beginning of the second episode that the tentacle monster thing (which by the way is called a Clive) was just Baka’s pet. He was joking. All the Dogurans look just like you and me.

    Just felt I needed to clarify that…

    2013/02/23 at 21:45

  2. Thanks for reading and telling me! I totally missed that. Probably won’t edit the post though, cause it’s fun to laugh at my dumb mistakes :(

    2013/02/24 at 20:08