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Gangsta 1

There’s this evil guy doing evil things to a prostitute, Alex. The main characters are introduced; Warrick, a gun-toting (no, not really) eyepatch-wearing pirate and Nicolas, a mute (no, not really) deaf ninja. They go to Grandma Joel’s place for some hot chocolate and money in exchange for kicking a bad guy.

Chado, a policeman, is with Cody, another policeman, and they request that Warrick and Nicolas, hereonafter referred to (together) as ‘Benriya’ (lit. jack of all trades, queen of none because they aren’t female, and king of none either. Also ace of none, which is now a suit), kill this evil guy who excretes solid waste on people’s lawns. Of course the mafia excrete liquid waste on people’s lawns but that’s no problem, because liquid waste is easy to soak up.

Of course this is the evil guy who does evil things to Alex, and so the Benriya go beat them up.

They collect their reward (including Alex, but why would they want someone who looks like that) and the end.

Well, they don’t collect the end but what I’m saying is that’s the end of the story.

It seems really weird that Nicolas is both deaf and mute, but at least he’s not blind. Something really bad must have happened to him.

Chado’s relationship with the Benriya seems rather interesting – with them acting like that to him at the end, yet he learns sign language, presumably just to communicate for Nicolas (there is no other reason to learn sign language!). Furthermore, since he can simply lip-read I don’t think his deafness is much of an issue communication-wise, but battle-wise deafness is absolutely horrible. I mean, you can’t hear people crawl up behind you, but I guess your other senses would be more improved.

The art in this manga is solid, though the concept is like, lol, wtf. This is probably just some new manga written by an idiot who doesn’t have it published anywhere, but it seems like one with potential, and hopefully not a very shounen-ish never-ending story of nothing.

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