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Yumekui Merry Half Season Review [Completed]

This is my face after finishing the anime.

Just… wow.


Why did this decide to fail so amazingly badly?

You have this weird cat person who should obviously be the FINAL MAIN BADASS BOSS, but he’s an ALLY that appears for ONE EPISODE, and announces that your actual final bad main boss is…

…who is so fully helmeted and skateboard-y, right?

And then it turns out that final boss NEVER APPEARS, that Play dreamon totally forgets about her sister, and Chizuru’s a useless, heartless person.

So, why did it fail so bad? Let’s start from the dramatic plot-twisting at episode 7, shall we?

Well, first, this happened.

Episode 7 was full of undeserved fanservice, which frankly wasn’t really needed, and Yumeji was pretty severely OOC with his… perhaps ill-translated remark towards Isana about Merry’s… well… I don’t know if you’ve seen the same subs as I have.

Frankly, from this point everything just started going downhill. For one, Mystletainn was introduced.

That was the complete turning point from ‘oh man, I think we’re gonna see an epic battle at the end’ to ‘lol yandere girl does yanyan things’, and that’s not ya-nyan.

If this were longer, the defeat of Mystletainn could have been a nice precursor to the defeat of Pharos Hercules, but the 12-episode length coupled with a ton of filler/introduction episodes made the producers have to improvise.

Unfortunately, J.C. Staff isn’t a very good improviser.

The anime was something like this

This still doesn’t tell us why it failed, but the reason should be obvious now – they shifted away from killing an epic boss, to killing just one of the boss’s minions. She was just that, wasn’t she? Then, the producers decided to make her more ‘powerful’ by making her kill some of Hercules’s pitiful minions.

The evil teacher trope has been done to death – and they keep on going there. The episodes leading up to the finale were some of the most boring shit I have ever seen in my life.

Even Ijima turning evil wasn’t a surprise any more. Why did they decide to go this route, of all routes?

Now, Mystletainn and Ijima weren’t half bad (in terms of entertainment, not in terms of moral values) – what killed the show was definitely, the ending.

“Don’t do it! I’m just an innocent magical girl that turned into a witch that really likes cheese!”

Chaser John Doe has never appeared. He was a major role at the beginning, or would have seemed to be, but he basically vanishes after that.

And then on the last episode, Yumeji gets /his/ saw? Why? It doesn’t even make sense.

I expected an ending that had to do with random shit like going after your dreams, but I expected them delivered in a badass way, like in Konjiki no Gash Bell.

Instead, you have Yumeji, who’s first /defeated/, and then Merry just /kicks/ Mystletainn and that’s the end?

It does make some sort of crude sense – they’re all in Yumeji’s dream, right? So it would make sense that he’s God over everything, but that ending wasn’t even used.

What’s more, the ridiculous speeches they make. No, having dreams is /not/ more important than life! Without people that have no dreams, how will we eat? Who’s going to farm the fields? Who’s going to make our toys? Who’s going to sell our products? Who’s going to make our games?

Sure, having dreams is good and all, but you don’t not fight evil just because they’re holding somebody’s dreams /hostage/.

Now she can eat three times as fast

The only redeeming aspect, as with all J.C. Staff shows, is the distinctly anime-styled art, and beautiful music.

I really can’t say anything else. Maybe one more thing because I’ve got pictures (if you’ve managed to read to this point, you are extremely stupid; I’m not saying anything important here).

Why do hospitals close.



I’m probably interpreting this wrong, but just because it’s a weekend doesn’t mean people won’t get hurt! A hospital can never afford to have less workers than it does, every day.

Welcome to Japan

Oh yes, the other point I wanted to make.

What was the point of all of these side plots? It seemed like they were like me, just trying to fill in the spaces because they knew they couldn’t make anything good, and just went through it thinking ‘Well, let’s think of something to make 5 hours worth of film, then…’

No, they’re hollow inside

At the end, no matter how much ideals and dreams they wanted to inject into this show, it all comes down to punching and kicking.

I really hope they don’t make a second season, but I know they will.

This should happen to the makers of this show (and probably also me, for making this post, but…).

Overall Rating: 2/10 (Bad)

Guess who she laid next

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