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Gosick 11

This arc of Gosick goes on a historical limb, explaining the backstory behind Grevil’s stupid hairstyle.

Though, to be fair, his hair looked plenty bad before, too.

Jacqueline de Signore, that ‘starving ostrich of a woman’ from before, visits the Academy’s library, where she meets Victorique. Many things happen in the present, but none of which are important.

In the past, Grevil was in love with Jacqueline; when one day, a chipmunk of Jaqueline’s, Q (nicknamed for the mark on his back), died of an illness.

The vet who treated Q happens to die at his house shortly after, using the last of his strength to write the same mark as was on Q’s back, using his own blood. Shortly afterwards, the words ‘Jacqueline le murdére moi’ (someone’s going to kill me for this) appeared on his wife’s arm, and thus Jacqueline became the prime suspect.

Grevil (Victorique) solved the case – the vet was lying down on his back, and wrote the letter P, the first letter of his wife’s name, Paula – which, seen in reverse, looked like a Q. Yes, P upside-down looks like a Q. It does!

Cue back to the present, and for some reason that’s why Grevil had to wear his hair like that, and also Grevil says some mean words to Victorique.

The end!

I totally didn’t get this at first, and then I read the Bible. I feel far more educated and spiritually empowered.

I really hoped this would be a Detective Kogoro episode at last – when none of the others were. Unfortunately, Grevil demonstrates himself an incompetent buffoon.

No worries – all detective anime must have a moment where the previously useless detective suddenly gets a burst of enlightenment.

It shall come, one day.

Otherwise, this was a useless episode with no real meaning. Filler arc already?

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