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Gangsta 2

[Announcement: Another equally short post updated.]

We start with a flashback on a full-colour opening.

No, not really.

Anyways, Warrick’s main job is being a male prostitute, ever since he was 13, but now he only does that on weekends.

While Warrick’s… heh, working, Nicolas and Alex go on some errand, Nicolas selling guns and Alex noticing that some little kid took another little kid hostage twenty-odd years ago.

Vague flashbacks happen with someone putting a cigarette in Warrick’s eye and Nicolas looking really angry at something.

Wow, this seems to get off to an interesting start. I think their pasts are going to be quite an interesting… thing. Heh.

On the whole, this seems to be one of those dark shounen-esque mangoes; we have this really modern setting in the darkest darks of corrupt society, and there are a bunch of people slicing another bunch of people up. I’m still not sure how this is produced; apparently, it’s serialized in Comic Bunch, which is now… not existing. Eh, I don’t expect many people to care about this.

…Yet :VVV

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  1. Flashback in full colour?That’s just too much for me to handle.The manga seems kiiiiinda interesting.Sadly I cannot start reading it cuz(Put on glasses):

    1.I am already reading touhou doujin.(It’s quite big.)
    2.I can’t read.
    3.The flashback just now was too awesome and for that I need to spent some days in the recovery room.
    4.Manga sucks.Anime is waaaaaay better.
    5.Tuna in tomatoe sauce is leathal to humans.

    Feel free to choose an answer suitable to your tastes.

    2011/04/12 at 08:22

  2. :(

    You suck :(

    2011/04/13 at 00:02