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.hack//Quantum 1


The story starts out with a literal bang, as Tobias (in real life, Iori), Mary (Eri), and Sakuya (Aida) flee from THE ONE SIN, an evil evil evil dragon using a smoke bomb. It’s an impossibly hard monster to defeat, requiring an entire guild of well-coordinated people to counter its offensive blows. The trippy trio trigger a trap (alliteration!), causing the guild’s efforts to fall in vain.

Hah, hah

All while this is happening, a cat-demon-avatar thing, Hermit, is watching from afar. After a brief excursion to campus (conveniently located in the mountains) life, where we learn that people have microchips in their bodies, Sakuya logs into ZA WARUDO and finds members of the guild have put a bounty on her head. After much chasing, she is captured through unbreakable bonds (the bounty hunters are haxx0rz). However, Hermit frees her by making the bonds disappear (he’s a better hacker), and Mary/Tobias arrive as well.

The leader of the guild, Patchouli, realizes that an evil guy, Iyoten, set the bounty on Sakuya’s head. She and her… companion, Smith, chase Iyoten’s gang, culminating in an epic battle on a clocktower-type thing. Iyoten kills Hermit by sending him to the bottom of the tower, not knowing that Hermit is obviously a special… cat.

Suddenly, the landscape instantly changes, becoming what is known as a ‘Pariah folder’. Smith and Patchy logout immediately, as does Tobias, but not the ignorant Iyoten. Mary and Sakuya attempt to log out, but an evil person impales Mary, and Sakuya falls into a comatose state…

…in real life. See, in a Pariah folder, you can feel pain, presumably through the microchips embedded in your body – a common theme uniting all .hack//s in ZA WARUDO. Though I haven’t watched many of the original (I vaguely remember seeing the first season of some .hack, probably sign, but I forgot what it was and what it said, so), it seems stupid that they wouldn’t be able to take off their glasses and just, y’know, exit the game. Though really, that’s just a plot thing that has no impact on the actual storytelling – we should just take it that the World R:X is pretty all-encompassing.

I guess she’s encoded a lot of ‘data’

It does remind me of Yureka; for some reason, for every game-related story, you have to have pain involved – of course, otherwise, it would be boring and there would be no real-life tie-ins. Though, it would be nice to see a game-related story only about the gaming, a la Beelzebub’s latest arc. The school segment was kinda cheesy; I personally believe in extremism – either have real life be an integral part of the story, or not include it at all. Sure, it revealed some insights, but it seemed unnaturally artificial (not an oxymoron).

In conclusion, it’s a nice start. I’ll blog this from start to finish (three episodes later), I suppose.


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