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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Specials 13

So that’s why the image was cut in half…

…it was an .avi.


Everyone has something to feel proud of.

At first thinking that their animation budget was so stupidly high that they could change OP every darned episode, but I guess they can’t. According to my brief unreliable reseraching skills, there would be no Kirino this episode and the next if the OP had no Kirino, but no, they had to add Kirino to the no to Kirino no no. What?

Oreimo had a visual novel-dating sim, right? Now, it’s obvious how that’s possible – Kyousuke could go /any route/ and be successful. Heck, he could probably have an Akagi-end; after all, it’s best not to be sexist.

Anyways, continuing from the events of the previous episode, Gokou Ruri (a.k.a. Kuroneko) enrols in Kyousuke’s school, much to Manami’s… awkwardness? At least that’s what happens when Ruri’s around her. Since Kyousuke’s school is Japanese, you have to be a member of a club to not fail every course.

Ruri sees a game made by the make-game club, and beats it on easy modo. What a kindergartener. Kyousuke’s a total lolicon/child rapist now.

She then proceeds to bash the game cause she’s so jelly she can’t make a game as good as that one. She goes into the club because she secretly worships the game’s creator and wants to do ‘special favours’ to him.

The creator of the game and president of the make-game club is Miura Gennosuke, that person who Kyousuke stole the bike from last episode. He’s at least 36 years old, because he failed highschool 18 times. You can totally predict that the president would be him because he shows up in the OP, which is basically the entire episode summarized and without a swimsuit scene.

Another person to appear that was mentioned last episode is Akagi Sena – the Sena-chi who Kirino shamelessly promoted in the Animated Commentary. Akagi Sena is Akagi’s little sister (who would’ve guessed), who really sucks at keeping her hobby secret. Like seriously. I think she wants to reveal her hobby to people because that’s a cool thing to do. Either that or she’s stupid.

In fact, all people who like Sena are abusive tricksters who want to take advantage of her stupidity for their own ends. Since everybody who likes her is evil, we can then deduce that she is evil, and the most unpopular character in this show.

The episode ends with Kyousuke abusively tricking Sena to take advantage of her stupidity for his own end (a bad end, no doubt).

I don’t like how Mazui doesn’t translate senpai, kouhai, etc. into English. We watch translations because we don’t understand Japanese. We don’t watch translations to read Japanese onscreen, sorry. Nani, you don’t wakariunderstand what watashi wa speaking desu? Go to hell.

Saorin is the best character, similar to another Saorin from another school anime. Since both people who were named Saori are awesome, thus all Saoris must be awesome. Or so I thought.

I thought Kyousuke’s father was an extremely strict police chief who minds his children’s safety. How does he allow Ruri and Saori to enter his house like that. There are many things like this that don’t make sense, but I guess it’s all to advance the story. Story? What story. This is a slice of life, there is no story.

It’s funny how so many protagonists don’t have (m)any friends. If my life were made into an anime, I would be the protagonist, but I’m not a transfer student, so I guess I’ll just be that person sitting in the middle of the third row. Even though the anime is about my life.

Ruri should seriously get off her high horse. Whom does she think she is? I’m liking her less and less, not that she was likable in the first place. Being a snobbish snob is not good, contrary to most people’s opinions.

Why is there always that one scene in two-point perspective where there are two roads and a building in the middle? There was one here, there was one in a switch-scene from Nichijou, and that building was the most memorable scene from Black Rock Shooter. It’s like blue popsicles – the producers probably do that just because the producers do that.

Finally, ClariS doesn’t sound like they’re in middle school at all. How did they compose such a thing in middle school, anyways?

Eh, this post isn’t making sense. Lunch time.

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