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Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail 4

I guess not

The US Army rescue Garcia. but Roberta escapes, defeating Shenhua and Sawyer in the process (because her pistols can break chainsaws. Yes, totally), and, well, nobody cares about Lotton. Fabiola confronts her but Roberta is revealed to be PERFECTLY SANE YES YES SHE’S JUST TRYING TO PICK UP HER MASTER SO THAT SHE CAN PREPARE TEA


The major of the US Army team, Shane Caxton, realizes who the child is and offers Garcia a gun if he wished to exact revenge. However, Roberta jumps out of a window and lands on the major. See, every anime has to have a girl fall on a guy.

Though of course, that was far more dangerous, even with Hotel Moscow’s units, under the guidance of “Captain Jane Doe” (we all know who that is), shooting like ten thousand bullets at Roberta, with all of them missing. Or probably most hitting, but she has FLESH OF STEEL

Through all this, Rock is still being his stupid, general-Furuichi self, noticing that the only person with any real power is Chang. Garcia and the US Army read the note that Rock gave him, finding a vehicle prepared at the location on the note. Revy and Shenhua attempt to kill them then and there, but Hotel Moscow maims them both, since it’s ‘their war alone’.

This does not deter Roberta from chasing the vehicle on a motorcycle, even as Balalaika’s units fire THREE ROCKETS at her. Of course, there’s no way she would die because there’s still one more episode left. Dutch, under the request of Chang (Rock, rather), gets back into Lagoon action by ferrying a legitimate client – the US Army – to the Golden Triangle.

Too bad Roberta’s going there, too, using Eda’s CIA powers. Of course, all of this is going just as planned…

…This finale is going to be pretty damned good.

’tis nice to see how everything’s interconnected, what with Balalaika seeming to have some bad history with Caxton, and our reminder that Chang is just a lowly member of the much larger Hong Kong Triad.

Throughout, everyone’s intentions shine through – Balalaika and Chang obviously wanting Roberta to just get the hell out of here, the US Army people just wanting themselves to get the hell out of there, Garcia trying to get his maid back so they can ——-, er, and Rock trying to DO SOMETHING SO THAT IT LOOKS LIKE THE PROTAGONIST IS A PROTAGONIST.

There’s really no religion in this show but now we know that Garcia is a Christian

This final episode will really be the make-it-or-make-it-not-as-well scene – Revy and Rock won’t do anything, so we probably won’t see any action from that flank, so really, everything’s up to how well the secondary characters, Fabiola, Garcia, and Roberta, orchestrate things.

To conclude – this OVA series is pretty good, though confusing at times. Rock still isn’t doing anything, Roberta’s acting drunk, Revy’s maimed, all of those names begin with R, and every single non-italicized paragraph in this post begins with a T.

Now if you’ll excuse me…

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