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Aida wakes up from her coma, but Eri was moved to the Amanai Hospital, financed by the CyberConnect Corporation, the makers of The World R:X, the game that the trio were playing when Aida and Eri collapsed, and I looooooove using commas to make grammatically improper sentences.

The year is determined to be 2022, and Hermit the stalker-cat’s intentions are growing darker and darker. He purchases a list from a rather shady person, a rather illegal list of a rather large (say, 200 thousand) people – all to find a suitable donor to save Tanagami Touha, a Japanese living in America.

The problems?

“Or Mushyrulez.”

Firstly, his actions take away human life. A scientist, at the very beginning of Genesis the creation of the World The scientist is god, tried to lock people in The World to liberate the human body and eliminate racism. Eventually, he was driven mad, though he partially succeeded what with Pariah folders and many, many unconscious/vegetative/dead persons in the real world right now.

Hermit accidentally gave Sakuya a list of IDs; with some research, Iori finds that every single person in the rather long list were hospitalized – in Amanai Hospital. Though a scientific connection between what happens in the game and people becoming comatose has not been proven, a ‘private detective’ contacts Iori and Aida, giving them plane tickets to Tokyo to visit her.

That’s actually Patchy in-game, and apparently she was involved in what happened in 2017.

Patchy, Sakuya, Smith, and Tobias login to the World, only to find Mac Anu (supposedly a major city/respawn point, I guess?) infested with giant… things – and Mary, who is now practically immune to even (supposedly) high-level spells. Seeing as Mary also possesses the ability to inflict pain IRL (and permanently PK) the quartet, Patchy casts a large-scale fire spell, hopefully registering them all as being player-killed, and thus be able to log out of the game.

Oh, there was a secondly, too, right?

Turns out that Touha died in 2017.

Wow, it’s.

I don’t think I’ve said it before, but people being unable to log out is more of a plot point than anything, right?

It doesn’t make any sense, having people build FMDs (those are those glasses-things that let you play the World) so that you can’t take them off if you’re not logging off at a safe place? What about if a natural disaster occurs? The setting of Izumiyama High School and its surroundings is interesting too – does that snow symbolize something? The expansion of human territory, even to include snow-covered peaks?

The World seems way too complicated – how do you react like that, when you’re not even using full-body motion? You’re just tapping things on basically a gameboy, or PS3 or whatever the hell they call those things now (as for me, the closest things I have are a bus pass and a quarter, and I’m all out of quarters. And bus passes, seeing as the end of the month is nigh.) – how the heck do you emulate all of those complicated movements?!

Why does that console even need a screen if you’ve got glasses? It’s really stupid. Then again, it is nice to see that computer games are still a niche, and it’s not as all-encompassing as the Fractale System; nothing’s really based on computers, yet.


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