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Archivical Binging

The proper word is Archival, but that does not matter.

Go! Read my previous posts starting from April the First (What do you call tools that you only use in April? ALLERGIES! Wait that’s horrible), because I’ve updated a bunch!

Actually, I’ve updated them all!

Since they were updated in a pretty floppy order, subscribe to our feed (on the left) – where you’ll be able to see everything that I post, in the order that I post them in!

Note: I’m still on vacation and if this hasn’t been edited out, I have presumably had no access to computers during my stay. DON’T YOU JUST LOVE MAKING NINE POSTS ON ONE DAY? Now, to just hope that abd/Hourai haven’t hijacked the hell out of this blahg yet…

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  1. houraiguy

    It’s probably not a good idea to give ideas to people who might not already have them

    2011/04/30 at 00:19