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Hyouge Mono 1

The best anime of the season begins with the most catchy OP of the season, as expected.

It is August of 1577 in Omi Province’s Azuchi Castle.

Furuta Sasuke is now 34 years old, a field messenger serving Oda Nobunaga, who would go on to unite Japan during the Warring States Period.

Matsunaga Hisahide, a damiyo, has betrayed Oda once more and is currently hiding in the Shigisan castle. Oda has had enough, and lays siege to the castle in October of the same year, letting Matsunaga keep his life in exchange for the Hiragumo, a legendary teakettle in Matsunaga’s posession.

Mastunaga declines the offer, and after a brief encounter with General Hashiba Hideyoshi, blows himself up – and the Hiragumo with him.

However, the Hiragumo’s lid remains flying, and Furuta chases after it – only to lose his grip on the burning object and have it shatter to pieces.

Oda dismisses Furuta’s aesthetics, and a year later, at Izumi, Furuta witnesses Oda’s newest and largest vessel, a Great Atakebune. Oda murders a merchant, and threatens the same to Furuta with the question of whether the Hiragumo pales in comparison to such a vessel.

The episode concludes with perhaps one of the best opening quotes to ever occur in anime;

“Truthfully, Milord, size and virtue are of different schools.”

Wow, this music and facial expressions are just amazing.

Running out of time / making (9) posts in one day is a bit tiring / goodbye.

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