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Hyouge Mono 2

Nakagawa Kiyohide is the brother of Furuta’s wife, Osen. He serves Araki Murashige, who has rebelled and confined himself to Arioka Castle.

Furuta forces Nakagawa to submit by threatening to murder Osen.

Meanwhile, they have sex!

At November of 1578, Furuta arrives at Arioka, and receives the Araki Kourai, a sacred tea bowl, in exchange for sparing Araki’s life.

Senno Soueki is a tea master, and he invites Furuta over for some tea in April of 1580. Previously, he courageously told Oda to paint his Great Big Ship black, and Furuta is amazed at his courage.

This anime is going to be 39 episodes long! I really can’t believe it.

So far, I’m loving this show – it’s got everything that I like, and doesn’t have anything I don’t like. No pointless plots, no unrealism, no dilly-dallying, no unnecessary fanservice. You’ve got badass aesthetes, historical battles, courageous awesome dudes, and /tea/.

What could possibly ruin this show?

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