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Hyouge Mono 3

As Furuta talks to Senno, he realizes that the teapot Senno uses is extremely similar in likeness to the Araki Kourai. Struck with shame, he admits his moral wrongdoing of letting Araki go, but Senno divulges his secret – it was he that lent the Araki Kourai to Araki in the first place.

Furuta returns the Araki Kourai to its grateful and proper owner, and, realizing the immense wisdom and strength of Senno, becomes his disciple.

More than a year later, in August of 1580, Furuta visits Oda’s giant mansion, and is overwhelmed by its, if I may use the translator’s terms, epicness.

He is greeted by Mori Ranmaru, yet another important figure that seems to not have importance here.

Oda rewards Furuta for his competence, and gives him a choice of reward between a large sack of money, and an exquisitely carved barbarian (e.g. Western-styled) chest. Struck with shame once again, he chooses the money, but his true intentions are obvious to Oda, who grants both to him.

Oda’s true intentions are not so obvious, though, but he shows Furuta what he wants – to journey to the lands of the Ming (China), of the Josean (Korea), and even of [insert-old-name-of-India-here] (India). Not just to journey, but to overthrow, to conquer, to rule. Citing a reference to the Tower of Babel, he questions why the Gods have not struck him down with lightning, even though he is becoming ever more… heavenly.

Some time later, in October of 1580, Furuta attends a banquet hosted by Akechi Mitsuhide. Many things occur, but the one most striking to Furuta afterwards is Akechi’s refusal to use the real Hakkaku Teakettle, a prized teakettle bestowed upon him by Oda.

Finally, meeting with Toyotomi (the ‘simian fool’), he reflects upon Toyotomi’s use of the teapot granted to him by Oda (even though it was merely a one-on-one meeting), against Akechi, and begins to have suspicions of the latter.

The plot is just amazing! I wonder how Oda knows Portuguese, though. I would like to see the fourth – sixth episodes, but the only subbers there are are not speedsubbers, not very experienced (for all I know), and man, do they do a high-quality job. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind waiting too long.

The two main themes that I see striking through Furuta are Greed and Honesty; he is overtaken by greed when confronting an aesthetic object of his desire, but is wracked by guilt and shame, revealing his true, simpleminded, honest self. Perhaps his paranoia has taken over his ability to lie convincingly; as one has said, I’m sure many people would love to play poker with him.

Hyouge Mono remains one of my favourites of this season (never mind that I still haven’t watched anything else), if only because of the sheer weirdness and non-mainstreamness of it all. However, that’s not all (for those looking for a refreshing break from ‘normal’ anime): Hyouge Mono combines brilliant storytelling while somehow keeping everybody interested through all the, admittedly, extremely dense dialogue. It’s definitely the best feudal Japan anime I have ever watched.

Never mind that I haven’t watched anything else.

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