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Blood Lad 7

Staz and Wolf fight, with Staz winning by draining Wolf of his demon powers through the embedding of a vampire tooth in his neck.

This is what real werewolf vs. vampire fighting is like! The entire fight had me on my nerves up till Wolf revealed his injury; after that, it just slipped and started being really boring.

Blood Lad is starting to shape up its plot and characterization; Wolf is a real demon in this demon world, we still don’t know anything about that weird girl, and Staz’s reasons for saving Yanagi are proving rather sketchy now.

However, right now it’s still a very miss-or-flop thing; we can just hope that the main boss won’t be some simple evildoer, but that this plot will actually reach far and wide.

We stand on guard for thee!

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  1. Noc

    I’ve been lurking around your blog like a creeper these past few months, since I do enjoy reading your opinions on this manga.

    I always found Staz’ reasons for reviving Yanagi to be sketchy, although having Wolf suspect him of planning something bad for her certainly ups the probability for that. I think it was good of the mangaka to remind the readers that there’s some twisted bits to Staz’ character. I liked this chapter overall, but I wasn’t fond of how Beru busted in at the end. I’m just not fond of her in general, actually. It’s probably the make-Staz-her-husband plan she has going on that does it to me.

    There’s been talk of an anime waiting to be green-lit… any thoughts on that?

    2011/05/22 at 04:31

  2. No, absolutely no way.

    This is far too messy to make any sort of anime, and I’d have to wonder how horribly the animators would have to draw to make any sort of anime feasible. I can’t even imagine it happening.

    Staz is a vampire at heart, and I agree with you; maybe the author took too much liberties with his personality the past few chapters, and has to hammer it back in that he’s a demon.

    Finally, dammit. My blog’s not meant to be read, that’s why my posts are posted like this :(

    (and what’s your relationship to phantom wizard / why is it your site address?)

    2011/05/23 at 04:11

  3. Noc

    Ahaha. Well, I can understand your concern. There’s three volumes out so far, so who knows, maybe things improve in later chapters. I really like the art style, though, and hope the animators will be faithful to it. It may be a little rough around the edges, but its consistent, and not really what I consider bad as opposed to stylized. That’s a subjective matter, however.

    I don’t feel like the author was hammering Staz’ true character back into us or anything, since I never forgot about it in the first place, but that probably isn’t the case for everyone.

    Your blog isn’t meant to be read? What are your posts like exactly? I don’t know, I like reading them…

    I really love Phantom Wizard. Its one of my favorites series. Unfortunately for me I seem to make up the entire fandom for it (this probably says something about my taste in manga). In hopes of spreading the love I created that website for it and advertise when I can.

    2011/05/23 at 08:00

  4. Three volumes? Hrmm, I guess the scanlators are pretty slow / there are three chapters / volume.

    Maybe it is quite successful; I’m just so behind on chapters that it doesn’t seem that way.

    (I guess that makes you Phantom Wizard’s #1 fan)

    2011/05/23 at 19:04

  5. Noc

    Yes! This time I remembered the reply button…

    From what I understand, the group that’s working on the series is a fairly small one consisting of only a few people. I suppose their caught up with other things at the moment. Its also a seinen series, so that’s probably why it was picked up kind of late. They usually don’t get noticed as quickly as shounen or shojo ones.

    I find that vampire stuff always seems to have an edge when it comes to popularity, for better or for worse.

    Yep, I’m the lonely #1 haha.

    2011/05/23 at 21:38

  6. Hurr, to me, it seems sort of cheesy / amateur, based on what I’m seeing on your site, but I guess I’ll give it a look.

    Maybe I can write another half-assed post about it :v

    2011/05/23 at 23:50

  7. Noc

    Its certainly not a manga for everyone. I actually didn’t like it the first time I tried reading it, only to return to it months later and have a completely different opinion. I’ll look forward to any comments you might make on it, anyhoo.

    2011/05/24 at 02:18