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Well, I am disappoint

…I’m back, though.

Short post outlining what’s going to happen.

For one, since I’m back, I think I can rightly continue my, as it is now obvious, extremely stupid schedule of a post a day.

For two, since I’m back, I don’t think Silas or hourai are going to be posting here, ever again. Well, not really, seeing as I still see some drafts in the cooker, but I sense that ‘blackmailing author slaves’ isn’t a viable business model. This rather sucks, because my posts are rather one-faced (you’ll see I don’t game often), and other people’s posts are often more colourful, but, hopefully, some unlucky bastard will volunteer his soul-er, time, to help me craft THE LONGEST SENTENCE IN THE WORLD

For three, since I’m back, I need a while to just sit back and relax. You’ll note (no, you won’t) that I haven’t done any homework during my 17-day voyage, though that doesn’t really matter too much, seeing as skipping school for 17 days is already enough of an infraction :v

Finally, since I’m back, I intend to definitely make May the lowest view-count month of the ever – this week is already three times lower than the week before I left.

tl;dr (how is this long?!): I’m back.

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