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Blood Lad 6

Staz and Wolf start fightin’…


They’re good friends!

…Actually, yes.

Because Wolf won’t let Staz have the Book of Human Resurrection so easily… (Even Jesus had to beat him to get it)

…Actually, no.

They’re having a bowling match!

…Actually, yes.

Wolf misunderstood Staz, and now they’re fighting in a boxing ring.

They’re betting Yanagi on the result, but Wolf has the advantage.

Staz uses long-range attacks whereas Wolf just charges with all his might – which would mean Staz would obviously win at a Bowling match, but at a Boxing match, there’s no way he could win!

He gets knocked out rather pitifully easily.


It’s obvious he’ll win, though; or Wolf will take pity on him. He’s definitely thinking of some stupid plan that will probably be executed at the last moment of the next chapter.

Oh well, these sort of manga aren’t really that nice anymore. But without a SWOT-like manga I can’t continue blogging…

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