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Donten Prism Solar Car 8

Contrary to popular belief, Donten Prism Solar Car is actually about the more culinary aspects of life…

With only 30 minutes left in the first heat, Hata attempts to unsuccessfully pass Ashihara University to reach first place, but the car’s suspension fails and they’re stuck with only 30 laps done (compared to Ashihara with 36, and OTU with 35).

They try to find a new suspension and tire, but to no avail, until Ashihara and OIU give them some spares ’cause they’re all bros in this thing.

The second heat starts the next day, but Hata is tired out after only an hour in the intense heat (he’s even sent to the hospital), and Shouta must bear the next three hours by himself…

Hehe, finally another chapter of this awesome manga. Never before have four-hour races in solar cars been so intense (also never before has there been solar car races where the cars flip over and start flying, and really never before has there been a solar car manga, but still).

what battery are they talking about

I find it funny that it’s so hot inside the Solar Car, even though it’s raining and there’s no sun, but I haven’t ever driven in one and so my opinions are worth moot. It’d be cool if the mangaka didn’t capitalize on all this action (overtaking, flipping over, flying, etc.), and instead focus on the emotional battles – being slowly driven mentally insane, not having anywhere to poop, and the like.

Where this manga is going to go in the future is anyone’s guess – as the people of Ashihara/OTU have said, solar car racing is pretty dang niche, and I don’t think they’re going to move up the ranks like Eyeshield 21 or anything…

…so then what is it going to do? End at 12 chapters?

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