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.hack//Quantum 3 [Completed]

The conclusion of .hack//Quantum is rather…

…grand in scale.

There’s a major war going on, but Hermit doesn’t care, activating a Pariah folder and trapping everyone inside it. Unable to log-out, the terrified civilians seek shelter in Patchy’s fort-city. These beasts they’re fighting against aren’t normal beasts – not only can they not be destroyed (heh), but a strange purple virus-thing is giving the same invincibility to… larger creatures, such as The One Sin, and a giant statue of a dragon that’s actually an entire in-game-continent. Wow.

Patchy tries to use the Crest Cannon, a presumably hacked giant cannon that occupies half of her city, to kill the One Sin and the giant statue, but Hermit stops her with corrupted data. The only way to win is for someone to get to Hermit, the ultimate troublemaker, or destroy the heart of the giant statue, Mag Mell.

Tobias makes her way into Magin Fi, the city on top of Mag Mell, but Hermit stops her from killing the dragon. Sakuya, despite knowing how dangerous it is for her to go, secretly goes as well, with her good friend Hermit leading the way.

As was dying in general

Wait, good friend Hermit?

Hermit turns out to be the dead boy, who was born in the World with his magical stick, a fully functioning nerve-system, inability to remember how much time passes, and without the knowledge that he’s… dead. He says something about something, concluding with a wish to be hugged. Sakuya hugs him, and the World is saved.

In the epilogue, Patchy explains the meaning of the title; Hermit is actually still alive, if you call ‘brain still functioning’ alive. He’s been plugged into a giant, quantum, supercomputer.

And that’s it.

I am quite borked at how the civilians didn’t think of this, but I suppose they thought the Bug is Lava.

Actually, at many things.

The plot is the worst piece of plot I have ever plotted. The first episode does nothing, not even properly introducing the story and so on; the second episode is a bang-fest of ‘wait, what?’ that doesn’t make sense in the slightest, and the third episode concluded everything so brilliantly by addressing one issue and not doing anything else.

There were so many useless things that shouldn’t have been mentioned, and useful things that should have. For one, what was the point of the One Sin? It would have been better to introduce the Guild and Hermit’s ability to disappear things on Magin Fi or something, which would also explain Mag Mell’s heart and all that stuff. Really, when you look at it, even Mag Mell was useless – they mention him in the middle of the /last episode/, and we’re supposed to expect that he’s important or something?

The same could be said with the Crest Cannon; what was all that? It really did nothing, as all that was needed to save the World was a hug (d’aww). So what was the point of spending so much drama over ‘hey guiz if we activate the crest cannon we win’ ‘yo man you srs? thats like the super op’d weapon and shit’ ‘yeah dude were gunna be firing it’ ‘oh no data corrupt were dommeed’.

Hermit’s backstory was even more of a headwall (that’s an actual word, but the meaning I’m trying to convey is more of a facepalm one). Who was that Touha guy, anyways? I thought she was a girl? And you don’t immigrate to America by yourself when you’re 10. Even Patchy had no role in the story except to tell of Hermit’s backstory, and activate the Crest Cannon – both of which were, well, useless.

If anything, only two aspects were really good; the music/art (that’s one aspect, mmk), and the plot.


Well, try looking at the world as the World; it’s not real. As with Zhuangzi and his butterfly fantasies (heh), the world that Aida and co. reside in is not the ‘real’ world that we (as in, us, right now) are living in. I say ‘real’ here because real really (heh) has no meaning, if you can’t tell which world is real. Thus, I’m basing this off the theory that our current world is the ‘real’ world, and all other worlds are fake. Their world has an ability to play games while sleeping on a desk. Their world has hot springs on a snow-covered peak. Their world has people who are unable to take off glasses (due to stupidity or what?). From the beginning, we’ve seen that there are so many inconsistencies with their world, compared to ours’.

.hack//Quantum seems like a buzzled muzzlement of fuzzled ideas, but not if you think of everything symbolically relating to how their world is not real. The World is to them what their world is to ours (even if you look at .hack// not being a mere anime collection), and they introduce that at the very start. Their real-life shenanigans of being on a mountain solidified this idea. They introduce the One Sin at the beginning to tell us how people in a fake world can still believe it’s a real world (complete with guild-raging etc.), which is only present again at the end to tell us how even actions in a fake world can affect people in the real world. Even Hermit’s being trapped in the World without noticing can compare with the characters’ being trapped in their world without noticing.

I agree; my arguments are unconvincing and roundabout, but no matter how you look at it, this has to be the final message they’re telling us!

…Unless I’m looking too far into an anime that happens to have green bathwater.

Overall Rating: 4/10 (Good)

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