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Blood Lad 8

Haidora-beru transports Staz out of the ring and into her house; Staz tells her about his “thing”, which he only uses in extreme moments.

Wolf and his two seconds that nobody cares about do some cool things that nobody cares about.

Finally, we get a glimpse of /plot/, as it is revealed that HELL FLOATS ON HELL FLOATS UNDER EARTH FLOATS ON HELL FLOATING ON HELL.


This is Staz’s older brother, who lives in the Elite segment of Hell. Apparently, Staz ran away from home, and Wolf was abandoned as a child, so they don’t live in the Elite part.

Staz also seems to possess some magical ability that only activates once he gets the ‘key’ from his brother, who happened to also write the book on human resurrection.


Well, it’s nice to see some real plot starting on – the chapters before this were pretty bad, really; they just flowed around with no real sense of what was going on, not even with a purpose of introducing the main characters.

The mangaka really is quite amateur; either that, or he really wants a new Sakuya fad going on. Why do I have the feeling his gender’s male…?

Other than those physical discrepancies, it’s not really that bad; just not professional.

After 8 weeks (or was it months?) of waiting, finally, something big starts to happen.

I wonder what will happen.

2 responses

  1. Noc

    Isn’t funny how we were just saying a little while ago that the scanlators were taking a while to release a new chapter, and then they do?! Well, not really, but anyways…

    I thought you might like this chapter a bit more than the previous ones, what with the serious plot revealing itself and all. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t mind watching things just flounder around if I find the characters appealing enough, but this was also nice for me.

    A very entertaining post once again.

    2011/05/28 at 11:34

  2. Yeah, floundering’s a big concern for me when it’s an ongoing series. If it’s finished, not so much – you can just read through it. But when you’re waiting for a week (or was it a month?) for a new chapter and you get… flounders… it doesn’t give me a very good feeling… :s

    2011/05/28 at 17:16