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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Specials 14

Waaaaah, what is with this video? It’s a .mkv, but I still can’t play it on my account and have to play it on the admin account, which doesn’t allow it to resize without borking for some reason and lags even when I don’t do anything to it… the pictures here seem very low quality because Mazui had to release it SD too… :( Maybe I should’ve just waited for the DVD/Blurays to come out.

Never mind what I said about the OP not changing – it seems they still have money to spare, haha. How much money did they put into the OPs in total, anyways? Sigh… I seriously don’t get the point of OPs, credits aside – but who the heck even looks at the credits?! They should put more work into the EDs, which is basically a song plus a picture with some fancy photoshop effects added on. I’ll bet they don’t even draw the pictures, and just get them off pixiv or something. For free, because what artist wouldn’t want their pictures on an anime ED? Besides the ones who realize Oreimo isn’t all that good a show.

As for plot: Ruri and Sena have to create a game for a rather large online contest, Cause Create (can’t you pronounce it Keiosu?!). Kyousuke-sexpai, being the sexpai that he is, suggests they create a eroge, and after much work/drama/filler, Ruri and Sena get it done, winning the most prized award in the contest – the “Shit Game Award”.

Wait that’s not a prized award

“Sexual harassment, that is.”

Haha, that kid in the club (the only kid in the club – the president is an old man and those fat people are fat people) can program too. I thought he was just there for the food.

Looking back, Oreimo wasn’t really that good – the Specials start to get much more funny, especially that homo scene. Admit it, you laughed at Sena’s horrible interpretation of the club members… also, how the heck do you put an arm in somebody’s [censored]?!

Ruri and Kirino really are way too similar – Kirino’s reactions when her anime ideas didn’t get through, and Ruri when her eroge ideas didn’t get through. They both had to rely on Kyousuke, which to me still feels extremely fake, but then again, I don’t whine when my ideas don’t get through. I LEAVE THE ROOM IN FRUSTRATION

Kyousuke as a lead has advanced quite a bit, especially in his upfront style of speaking. He’s much more straightforward than before – you can clearly see this in this episode, as when he says to Sena about her brother being a siscon, and also not denying that he’s in the Game Development Club only for Ruri. He’s not as tsundere as he was at the start – perhaps this is what happens when people stop being teenagers?

Either that or Mazui was just being pretty liberal.

There would be things to quote in this episode, but they’re either too cliche or things that you wouldn’t quote in front of a respectable audience.

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