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Angel Beats!: Heaven’s Door Manga Quarterly Review

(Heh, I started this post in November…)

It’s like, last spring, my jokes were pretty good (being new to blogging and having like ten thousand jokes under my belt), but after using 9,999, they got bland at around fall. Now, I think they’re better, but SINCE NOBODY COMES HERE I CAN’T TELL ;___;


I may have started this post in November, but back in November my post drafts were still like ten thousand words long with random crap spilled around so much I have to take an hour just to organize the post, and two more hours to make it readable.

Since this was unacceptable, I accidentally the entire post gone.

A brief runthrough of the plot, which is different from the anime, and roughly parallels the light novels: the first characters of the SSS meet – Yurippe, Hinata, Ooyama, Chaa, and Tenshi. However, in this story, Tenshi was quite nice to Yurippe and co., even letting them stay in her room (and smell her pajamas, too).

The latter half of this story deals with Iwasawa and Hisako forming GirlsDeMo, completely independent of Yurippe’s little group – in fact, neither knew of the existence of the other, and Iwasawa and Hisako still thought the NPCs were real people.

Yes, they agree.

Although similar to the light novels (of which I accidentally the plot), I guess this delves more into the early-SSS days, instead of the before-Otonashii-SSS days. Angel Beats as a fad is just about over, now – it’s been an entire year since it’s aired!

That said, does anybody even read these spinoff manga? Even the best anime may have crappy spinoff manga – look at how terribly stupid Kazumi and Oriko are, or Fractale. That said, Angel Beats doesn’t have a crappy spinoff, but without the fast-paced half-hour-a-week airing schedule of an anime, everything just seems so slow and pointless.

Manga, at least small (<26 chapter) ones, seem to be more and more a promotional tool. BakaTest promotes itself being an anime, as did Fractale, and as will Blood Lad (did I mention that? Blood Lad will become an anime?). Apart from the giants (those licensed in big, weekly things, such as One Piece, Bleach, even Kaminomi and Beelzebub), small manga like that will always start failing – first the pace drops, then the art, then even the jokes will become unfunny, until eventually the only thing holding it up is the success of the anime and the plot… of the anime.

Not from Lala-Land. He doesn’t have a tail.

(I forgot what that meant, but I wrote that in November so I won’t question my younger judgement.

Perhaps one thing that I have forgotten is that most of these manga are based on light novels – first, the light novels get green-aired for an anime adaptation, and then to promote the anime, special manga is created. Still, even I would like it if these sorts of manga didn’t go on the path of the anime – look at Fractale’s manga, even the scanlators decided to drop it.

There’s a profound difference between a manga that was made because of an anime, and a manga that was made and turned into an anime. Even if the quality levels were exactly the same, the manga that was made because of the anime will start getting boring after the anime finishes airing – not only because its plot will rely on the anime, but since the anime’s gone, the author will have no will to continue writing the manga. However, a manga that was made and became an anime will most likely become better – after all, if you’ve got one cour of your manga, why not try harder and get two?Three? Twenty-four?

It isn’t even just because of the author – when you’re reading a manga, even if the two are exactly the same, you’ll still like the one made into an anime more than the one made because of an anime. If you read something because it was made into an anime, you’ll obviously lose interest after the anime stops – manga doesn’t go by seasons, that’s why you don’t see many “manga blogs”, but tons of “anime blogs”. However, if you read something, and it turns into an anime, won’t you be more excited? And especially if the manga’s far ahead of the anime – won’t you want to continue reading it, knowing that there might be a second season? Perhaps not. I don’t know what I’m saying.

“I think I just shot the screen…”

I really don’t have much to say, do I. Tenshi sounds better than Kanade, but Sariel was a ‘Tenshi’ too, and I don’t want to see that guy ever again.

What Heaven’s Door may have been trying to pull is us rewatching Angel Beats. Kanade’s behaviour here is definitely strange, compared to the beginning of Angel Beats. Yet, since it was a year ago, I cannot even remember that (what I do remember was a very laggy and lossy video and that glitch-thing eating Naoi).

Whilst I probably won’t do such a thing (at least until I download all of the episodes), I have a feeling many people may want to, thinking that there’s some sort of greater depth of Tenshi’s character. Personally, what happened here seems to just be a discrepancy between the mangaka and the producers of the anime, but to others, Kanade’s emotional transformation will be a very interesting thing to witness.

All in all, this is a nice story – I hope this doesn’t end as quickly as many other anime-based manga, but I also hope it doesn’t stretch on – just a short story up till Otonashii’s coming would be fine. After all, Angel Beats is about Kanade and Otonashii – Heaven’s Door is about the rest.

“…Just as planned.”

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  2. Anonymous

    True leader

    Very interesting please create another season for it…

    2012/06/04 at 10:26

  3. Don’t worry, the manga writer’s already written many other chapters. I’ll be covering them when they reach chapter 26! :D

    2012/06/04 at 19:11