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I Am a Piano [Completed]

[Announcement: YouTube has a new ‘license’ thingy – you can adjust your license to be a CC-BY license while uploading / editing your videos, which allows other people to rip off your work for free and with full legal powers! However, you can only do this to things that are /entirely/ yours – e.g. I don’t think you can mark a performance of a dead person’s composition as something that can be shared. Too bad.]

This short, 8-page story is about a piano.

There’s nothing to say about plot, so.

It’s interesting how all of the pieces in the story are written by Chopin – I had to reread this a couple of times to understand what was happening. That guy at the end was the guy at the beginning, who aged like nothing at all? I’m guessing the war they’re referencing is the second war, though really, it could be any war and it wouldn’t matter.

It’s also somewhat interesting to see how Western everything is – there are no Asian characters in the manga, only European ones. This isn’t very typical, even though most manga draw Japanese people as Westerners, because this is solely European. Is this stressing something like how pianos are Western?

I’m not sure what this story was meant to say.

It’s interesting (everything’s interesting, gosh) having a story of a piano being like a real person, but I can’t really say it brought any great insights or reflections or whatever, to me. It wasn’t even a particularly moving story.

Perhaps, it is just a story about a piano, and nothing else.

I have the feeling that may just be the case – a blank canvas for us to paint our thoughts on the subject.

So, what do you think it meant? (by you, I mean, yes, you, those two persons who are the only people to read this blog more than once every six months)

Overall Rating: 4/10 (Good)

3 responses

  1. This…looks interesting,I have to admit.Athough these last two pictures look…really disturbing. (¬_¬)

    Awesome post.I give it 65/100

    2011/06/02 at 08:12

  2. :*(

    Read it, this post was like an ad thingy.

    2011/06/03 at 00:11

  3. It was a really awesome one-shot, thanks for the recommendation!

    2011/06/05 at 04:50