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Shinryaku! Ika Musume Specials [Completed]

The Ika Musume specials are two ~five minute clips showcasing Mini-Ika.

I think what happened was just Sanae imagining Ika to be like that (once again), playing on the huge success of the previous Mini-Ika short.

I say I think, because the ‘subbers’ that I got the show from, Afternoon Naps Empire, aren’t even subbers – they just release the show. Oh well, I would’ve gotten really angry at them for this if it were a regular show, but it isn’t, because nobody talks except for at the end. I guess a lot of other people are pretty stupid, because ANE blatantly states that they’re not subbers, just releasers. Is that even a role?

Some notes: black ika seems much more ‘masculine’ than white ika. The funny thing is, squid girls seem to have genders – I just get that feeling the black one’s a boy. And it doesn’t look wrong, like if irl someone wearing a skirt and having long blue hair was a boy – it looks natural, for some reason.

It’s strange how such a tiny thing can both eat so much and have so much fortitude, but I guess that’s part of the humour bit.

Final note: if you watch this, and immediately after watch one of the ‘normal’ squidgirl eps, you immediately see how diabetes-inducing these mini-squidgirl things are. Even just see the second episode of this special when they’re out of Sanae’s daydream – everything seems so much more balanced and normal.

Really, these specials were way too moe – short and sweet. Hah, was that a pun?

Overall Rating: 4/10

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