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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai Half Season Review

Heh, I just realized that ‘half season’ review isn’t quite right – for some (read: everyone besides me) people, a ‘season’ is one anime ‘show’ – e.g., Index and Index II are two seasons, even though they (together) span 48 episodes/weeks – which is obviously not two ‘seasons’ long.

The proper term here is ‘Half Cour (for the French for ‘course’) Review’, but WHAT KIND OF SHITE NAME IS THAT

Honma Meiko, or “Menma” (everybody in the show has a nickname) is the ghost of this show, the most ghost-looking girl. Ten years ago, she was a pretty cool girl, who had a crush on Jintan, but because she was killed, the group eventually split apart, leaving her as a ghost.

Yadomi Jinta, or “Jintan” (everybody in the show has a nickname) is the otamot of this show, the most otamot-looking guy. Ten years ago, he was the leader of the other five mains, hanging out as the ‘Super Peace Busters’, but because he murdered Menma in cold blood, the group eventually split apart, leaving him as a recluse.

Anjo Naruko, or “Anaru” (everybody in the show has a nickname) is the slut of this show, the most slutty-looking girl. Ten years ago, she was a pretty pure girl, who had a crush on Jintan, but because she killed Menma in cold blood, the group eventually split apart, leaving her as a slut.

Why not to be albino, short, and have a flat chest: you’ll turn into a weird floating flower spirit when you grow up

There’s also Matsuyuki Atsumu (Yukiatsu), a creepy blond creeper. He liked Menma when he was younger, and so when she wanted to talk to Jintan, he murdered her. This traumatized him, and now Yukiatsu’s a creepy cross-dressing creeper, attending an elite highschool because that’s where all creepy cross-dressing creepers go. THE MORE YOU KNOW

There’s also Tsurumi Chiriko (Tsuruko), a nerdy black-haired nerd. She liked things that she liked when she was younger, and so when Menma wanted to talk to Jintan, she murdered her. This did nothing to her, and now Tsuruku’s a nerdy book-reading nerd, attending an elite highschool because that’s where all nerdy book-reading nerds go. THE MORE YOU KNOW

There’s also Hisakawa Tetsudo (Poppo), an awesome fat awesome. He liked eating when he was younger, and so when Menma wanted to talk to Jintan, he ate some chips. This fattened him, and now Poppo’s an awesome food-eating awesome, travelling around the world because that’s where all awesome food-eating awesomes go. THE MORE YOU KNOW

“I’m going to try making a square wave next time!”

Haha, that may have been the most fun I’ve had with character introductions since that time where I’ve had more fun with character introductions than this.

AnoHana is basically a drama around these six main people – the premise is that Menma returns from the dead as a ghost, visible only to Jintan, and asks him to grant her wish. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what her wish is, but she’ll remember if those six people get together again.

Thus (with a very interesting but seemingly so cliche’d) begins one of the better shows of the season, and perhaps the best drama (I haven’t/am not planning to watch HanaIro, but I suspect that isn’t as moving as this is).

“…your intelligence! And I’m embarrassed about it!”

Right now, though, it’s not very dramatic – there’s nothing to feel, emotionally. Their stories aren’t particularly moving, not particularly original, nor particularly funny – really, I only laughed at the beginning of episode 6, which now, I don’t even remember; it’s not particularly memorable!

I suppose this is good, though – I think we’ve all had enough of these dramatic dramas where everything is dramatic. AnoHana is a nice, light drama – I don’t expect this to have a really moving ending or anything, I expect it to end on a lighthearted note.

Of course, the good thing is that even if the ending was particularly dramatic, I think we would all also welcome that, too. AnoHana’s a good show, with a solid first half-cour. SEASON

Some last notes:

Is it just me or is Menma too short? I remember when I was in elementary, most everyone were around the same height, kid-height. Suddenly, in highschool, there were suddenly so many short girls, and by short, I mean shorter-than-middle-school-Grade-12s. Perhaps I just grew up in an environment were people were particularly tall. Oh well.

I’ve said that I didn’t care about how Menma is invisible, and how animals can see her (hint: Jintan’s an animal), but one last comment: why doesn’t Menma just hug everybody, and Jintan announce to them that Menma’s hugging them? She can obviously move physical objects. Can’t she write and such?

Of course, the obvious answer is that this is a drama, and that would not be a moving end. Normally I’d scoff at this sort of idea, but for once, I agree – I’d love to see this show stretch to its full potential.


3 responses

  1. Noc

    I found reading your character introductions to be almost as fun as reading even funnier character introductions. My favorite was Poppo’s, because it mentioned awesome things.

    I agree on this being the best drama. IroHana started off alright, but after episode two it fell into the comedic drama category, and those are never as good for me- especially not when AnoHana has me near tears with every episode. I’m just highly emotional like that.

    Have you not watched episode 8 yet? It answers some of the questions you posed.

    2011/06/05 at 15:20

  2. No, I’m watching it now.

    Yeah, though I’m not as easily moved, so I don’t think anything will strike to me as moving – unless the ending decides to be a dramatic one (a la Angel Beats?). That would be the drama of the year.

    2011/06/05 at 16:56

  3. Noc

    Hmm, I wasn’t really moved by the ending of Angel Beats,actually. I guess its because I never really got into it, only watching all the episodes when I was bored. It was the blend of comedy and drama that stopped me from really enjoying it, I think. They switched between the two so rapidly, I found it to be vary jarring. The end was mostly drama, of course, and it was good drama, I just didn’t care about anyone enough to be moved by their graduation ceremony or anything.

    I guess I just connect with the AnoHana characters better. Except Yukiatsu. What a creeper.

    2011/06/05 at 17:29