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Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead [Completed]

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This subbing groups name is what

I actually finished HotD some time ago, but was just too lazy to write the final HSR, but I guess I can still watch this OVA.

Never mind about the ‘watch’ part…

The mains, after running away from zombies, find a wooden boat big enough to fit all of them but light enough for them to carry out onto a port where you can launch a shift small enough to carry out onto a port. They then take the wooden boat while running away from zombies, and bring it to said port through waves and waves of zombies without anybody being injured, or even having blood splattered on their clothes. Following this (and having not eaten during the entire affair), they then procure an adequate rowing mechanism small enough to carry onto the boat and strong enough to move the entire boat without it flipping over.

The mains row the boat (while still not eating anything), until they eventually find a deserted desert island, free of zombies, off the coast of the mainland. The desert island is small enough to not have anybody on it, but large enough to have a beach house on it, because the owners of the beach house decided to swim back to the mainland upon hearing that there were zombies on the mainland. Said beach house is the only house on the island, with no other houses to store food, sell food, or to sleep, and there is no port on the island for ships to come by to relax on the beach. However, the beach house happens to only sell swimsuits, and that’s what they have, absolutely perfectly clean swimsuits with no sign of wear or tear.

Unfortunately, after some… ‘lively’ encounters with each other, the mains find that there’s an underwater tunnel that happens to come up only on the island and the mainland, and isn’t filled with water when the tide comes up, and hasn’t been explored by anybody, and has a slope steep enough to go underwater but flat enough for the mains not to trip. This also means that zombies will come through said hole, even though zombies can’t climb, and there are no signs of zombies on the island, living or otherwise.

Also they happened to have machine guns on said boat, as well as a steel-wire-cutting hull, a bulletproof shell, and night-camouflage because the residents of the island are all deaf

Yeah… no.

Plot devices for a half-hour of fanservice aside, what the hell was this?

The fanservice was the worst fanservice I have ever watch, and I don’t watch fanservice because this is what fanservice is like to me. Disgusting, unless you’re one of /those/ types. Shudder.

At least the producers weren’t sexist – after all, there was fanservice for both sexes, right!


The sexism involved in this is just \ wow /. They obviously display females as all being lazy bitches (though one could argue that that is indeed true) who wrongly influence little kids (what is Alice going to be like when she grows up? Come to think of it, WHAT DID SHE DO DURING THIS EPISODE, BEHIND-THE-SCENES? OH MY GOD-FEARING FATHER) who are only good for fanservice. If I were a feminist, I’d probably die of a heart attack from watching this show – but I’m not, and even so, this is still disturbing.

However, it is true that this is just for entertainment, and one can hardly say that the rest of HotD is justifying for the female race. Still, it’d be cool if the world were like the producers of HotD – not as in ‘yo, let’s make a bunch of idiots run around and do those kinds of things’, but as in ‘yo, we don’t care about making males and females equal (especially anatomically), if we were writing for a female audience we’d do the same thing to males that we did to females in this episode’. *sits back and relaxes as feminists rage, except NOBODY READS MY BLOG ANYWAYS SO FEMINISTS DON’T READ MY BLOG EITHER*

The OP was still the most badass part of the episode, though Kouta was pretty badass, too. The rest of the episode sucked (I would’ve given this a 1), but he just brought the entire thing up two notches. NERD POWER! Appearances don’t mean anything – unless you mean that he’s fatter than Takashi because he can HUNT FOR FOOD. Fat = Better chance of survival, bitches.

At least there was a Saeko-end – unless that was a hallucination too! I feel like it wasn’t, because how would Takashi **** a zombie without dying? inb4 ‘zombies have feeling too!’.

Two last picks – A hydrangea doesn’t really do anything at all, does it? What a crappy deus ex. The entire thing was a deus ex. At least come up with a more believable scenario for what’s basically a sex scene.

You also don’t say ‘our fight still continues!’ with such a happy face, especially if you’re a little kid. This is some seriously bad upbringing.


Anyways, I still had to laugh at the end. OH MAN, THIS WAS SO FUCKING BAD, BUT SO FUCKING GOOD, TOO.

I’m neutral on this.

Overall Rating: 3/10 (Neutral)

P.S. Final message of HotD: Nobody can escape Shido’s sex bus!

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  1. “What is Alice going to be like when she grows up?”

    A puppeteer. (´ー`)

    2011/06/08 at 08:19

  2. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

    2011/06/08 at 23:04