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Quick post.

So after reading BakaTest 16 with Kirishima doing all that, I just got a great idea for a new hit shounen manga: MARITAL ARTISTS.

So these MARITAL ARTISTS are like MARTIAL ARTISTS except they MARRY PEOPLE. And first it starts off with the main character being like a priest or something, but when suddenly an evil person CRASHES this wedding, the priest realizes that he has to SAVE THE DAY, and he uses his KON FU powers to defeat the MARRIAGE CRASHER.

And then after a lot of incidents like that he meets another MARITAL ARTIST who introduces him to the land of marital art, and they do epic battles and shit. Eventually the protagonist will become the world’s best marital artist so that every single rich person in the world wants to be married by him, and people are getting divorced so they can get married by him again. And then MARITAL ARTISTS COME FROM MARS and the protagonist has to battle them with like BIBLES and HOLY WATER and WEDDING CAKES and yeah.

Also, because all good manga must have memorable secondary characters, the main guy will have like this archrival marital artist who tries to become a better marital artist but always fails, and this helper-marriage-person who helps marry people by like organizing the wedding and all that. And then there’s going to be this professional lawyer guy who knows about law and looks really cool who does all the law stuff and when the MARTIAN MARITAL ARTISTS come he like hits them with law textbooks and screams OBJECTION at their faces LIKE A BOSS. Of course there’s also going to be this evil marital artist who marries people against their will for money, but eventually when the martians come he’s going to be good and marry people for good too.

This isn’t actually going to happen… or will it?!

P.S. @Glo and Nyarth, Sukunai is the funniest shit I’ve read since Beelzebub, which is like only 1.5x better.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I automatically associate the phrase “marital art” with “in bed.”

    2011/06/10 at 01:47

  2. That happens too.

    2011/06/10 at 04:40

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