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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 7

Eh, it’s been so long since I watched this, so I don’t know whether it’s gotten better or worse.

This episode talks about Meruru, with Meruru’s main characters narrating for some reason. Though the commentary doesn’t commentate on Oreimo itself, it does raise some interesting points (breaking some walls in the process)

They raise the question of what is good and what is bad, especially in an kiddy anime where bad and good people are clearly defined. A similar counterpart could be in Azazel-san, where the Angel and the Demons are basically the same – usually not touching humanity, and aiming to only kill the other side.

It also does give us a look into the anime producer’s ideas – after all, all the people in Oreimo Commentary are basically representations of the producers’ selves. They admit that they ‘conveniently don’t mention that’ – pretty behind-the-scenes stuff.

All in all, it was pretty funny, and less of that filler crap that were in previous episodes. Getting better…

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