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Light Wing Manga Quarterly Review

[Announcement: Since I love MQRs, here’s two more: Angel Beats and Sukunai.]


I hate your comment systems. I hate your new site design. I hate your way of posting that uses weird pop-up pictures, fancy captions, and stupid comment integration systems. I hate your complexity and your deprecation of my beloved one-click link-adder (now, I have to MANUALLY TYPE IN THE <a> tags). Why? Because some of us have slow internet, and that means that we have to refresh FIFTY TIMES to see the comment form pop up, and another FIFTY TIMES for that comment to register. Can’t we just have a SIMPLE system? Nobody CARES about being ‘fancy’ or ‘sleek’ or ‘cool’. Look at Windows Vista. Look at Windows XP.

The stupid thing is, I’m the only one who hates you. And I don’t really hate you because your blog system is awesome. But to conclude, I’d just like to say that…

Light Wing is a manga about soccer… that was cancelled in February. However, right now, only up-to-Chapter-15 has been scanlated. Apparently, it starts degenerating into just a bit better than SWOT – it ends at Chapter 21, which is one chapter more than SWOT.

See, the first chapter was REALLY AWESOME and BADASS. The main character, Amagai Rihito, is a pretty good soccer player who used to be part of the Tokyo Veritas Youth, the best soccer team in Japan. However, because of -that person-, Rihito was kicked out of the club. He decided to join the Teijo Private High soccer club instead (the best soccer club in Japan), but accidentally enrolled in Teijo Municipal High – a really crappy school with a really crappy soccer club.

The captain of the club, Saji, used to love soccer, but now he’s just fooling around. Thus, Rihito challenges the entire school to a 1-on-300 soccer match – and wins. AND WINS! Saji learns of the errors of his ways and convinces some of the rest of the club to begin serious soccer training.

Oikawa Ryuiji is the second protagonist, a Komatsu-esque guy, in that he observes what Rihito does throughout the manga. Their team battles against Tokyo Veritas Youth’s B-String (and loses), making them even more pumped up about training. As they train, Ryuiji finds out that he’s an excellent, no, SUPERHUMAN runner (Kobayakawa Sena-tier), able to run over 40 kilometres at near-top speed without being tired.

They battle Tamakishogyo High next, using their combined tactics to secure a victory of 2-1. After the battle, -that person- appears and publicly mocks the Captain of Tamakishogyo.

You see, -that person- is the strongest player in Japan, and because of him, Tokyo Veritas Youth’s ideology completely shifted into ‘let’s make fun of weak people’. Since Rihito’s a protagonist, he does not support this, and challenges -that person- to a duel…

To be honest, this manga was revealed to fail as soon as they started talking about how the cup would end in a year.

If the cup ends in a year, the team has nothing else to do! However, I suppose that sort of time-rush is necessary for these sorts of sports manga. When I say these types of sports manga, I guess (since the only one I’ve ever read is Eyeshield 21) that’s a pretty narrow range, but there isn’t much room to be creative in these sorts of things. Light Wing was doomed to fail since it became a soccer manga.

The art, too – it’s unstandard and amateur, which doesn’t matter if it’s an AWESOME manga, but if it’s just meh-quality, the art quality starts to show. It means something when the only way to make different characters is through weird facial features and pajama hats.

Let’s look at the characters for a moment just cause we can.

Rihito is the most massive glob of contradictions I’ve seen since that other massive glob of contradictions that I see every year. He sounds uncaring, but inside he cares about anyone who’s passionate about soccer? And he’s egotistical and elitist but frowns those who look down on other people? Worse, the manga attempts to justify it, and his catch phrase of ‘LET’S LIKE TURN IT AROUND IN TWO SECONDS’ is seriously getting more annoying than that other really annoying catchphrase from Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh or some show like that. Man, I should rewatch Beyblade, but I missed it this season.

It’s funny how so many protagonists are egotistical like that – they think they’re so strong and tough and suddenly BAMF somewhere near the second volume a villain comes and shows him who’s boss. Then, he goes on a epic journey to discover his inner self and defeats the evil villain at the end. Shounen series are just like that :L

The question is, is Rihito an otamot? He seems pretty stupid (enrolling into Teijo Municipal instead of Private), but smart when it comes to soccer.

Rihito seems to be really elitist, and really nice at the same time – a near impossibility. Does he think he’s god? See, he influences everybody, and acknowledges that he’s influencing everybody. He consistently thinks that whatever team he’s in can win, and that if everybody were him, everything would be better.

That reminds me; a friend brought up an interesting note. To evaluate how good somebody is, or how you think of him/her, just imagine if everybody in the world were him/her. Can you stand that world? If yes, s/he’s probably a good person. If no, s/he’s probably a bad person.

Elitism is funny too – the second place people are always more elitist. Look at the people in Veritas’s B-string; they think they’re so awesome, and then you have Imaizumi, who may just be the most modest person on Earth, in Veritas’s A-string. It’s the same with, say, BakaTest’s class A and B – Class B is full of braggarts, and Class A is full of… cool people.

Why does this always occur

Rihito’s cross-cut reminds me of Sena’s ghost-step or whatever. I should read Eyeshield 21 again, it was much better than this. Maybe it was because of its characterization; there were certainly a lot more interesting characters in Eyeshield than in Light Wing.

Eh, I’ll wrap this up.

Since it’s already been cancelled, any hopes I may have had have plummeted down the sewer.

On a somewhat related note, Fractale’s scanlators (/a/) have quit their manga, as it should be basically the same as the anime from here on out.

On an unrelated note, I played Credens Justitiam (Mami’s theme) for a Strings (viola) test, and the Weeaboo did not recognize it. WHAT A FAILURE


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    Then again, since only idiots buy windows, I guess that wouldn’t sell very well.

    (then again, everyone’s an idiot)

    2011/06/14 at 14:45

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