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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 12

[Here, Oreimo Commentary 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are up~]

But he really wanted to lick him

Sigh… the ending of Oreimo. The fake ending, I suppose.

The commentary goes with /every episode/ including the four extra ends – of which I’ve only watched one because episode 13 CAN’T LOAD BECAUSE IT’S CHOPPED IN HALF NO MATTER WHOSE SUBS I GET AND NO MATTER WHERE I WATCH IT :(((((((((((I’ll fix it someday).

Kira-Fansub is subbing this, and they used to do really good jobs until around the previous few episodes, when they started putting down ONNE-SAN! YEAH, ONNI-SAN TOO! Woohoo.

Adding on to what I started last post, it’s funny to see how this is all just a giant advertisement – even with that brief mention of Sena-chi, they’re simply advertising the novel for us to read. Everything’s completely interconnected it just screws my mind :(

This doesn’t really wrap up anything at all. Kyousuke’s VA appears, showing us their technical prowess – the VA sounds so much different from Kyousuke that you could believe everything was all a scam. That’s professional acting right there – ability to change voices at will. I’ll bet not even Sherlock Holmes was of this level of voice-changing. Yet, they sound so bland IRL – like they’ve got all their energy drained away from anime acting. Maybe that’s what makes some anime successful – they drain away the producer’s souls. That’s why the Madoka people are all so sad now.

As always (well, of the later half), the Animated Commentary explains some of the OOC in the last episode – Kirino was just feeling sorry for her brother because he was so pitifully stupid. Sounds more Kirino, doesn’t it.

In conclusion to the end of non-special Oreimo Commentary, I must say that the music for this is really rather good. I wonder if it’s the same as the Oreimo music, or whether it’s custom composed. Eh… this is the problem with watching too many shows a season, everything just rubs off on you. That’s the difference between a good soundtrack and a masterful soundtrack – one sounds good, and another, you’ll remember forever.

I wonder when I’ll forget about Oreimo. Five years, I should think.

(It’s been bugging me, but what’s that stick Kyousuke is carrying? Maybe he’s planning to have a ‘brotherly reunion’ with Kirino after the episode…)

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  1. “I wonder when I’ll forget about Oreimo. Five years, I should think.”

    Heh,I asked myself the same question about Haruhi 4-5 years ago.Now I’m stuck with billions of doujins,art,games and whatnot about the series.

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    2011/06/17 at 23:42