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Blood Lad 9

Phew-ee, Blood Lad really is getting better!

Braz did experiments on Staz to seal away his “thing”. Needless to say, Staz was not very impressed, but since Braz was probably like three times older than Staz, he had no choice. Eventually, Braz shot a bullet into Staz’s heart, a bullet that only Braz could take out – sealing off his “thing” for good. This was both bad and good – bad, because Staz lost access to his “thing”, and good, because Staz can’t use his “thing” to make women uncomfortable anymore.

Meanwhile, Wolf finds that Yanagi’s legs are disappearing (because that’s the first thing he looks at) – just as lower-level demons’ legs disappear when they enter the human world… Yanagi’s legs disappear when she goes back to the demon world?

Finally, Beru teleports Staz to Braz’s castle, where he hopes to get his “thing” back for good – unfortunately, a menacing figure (who’s probably a shy yandere) looms behind Staz with a GIANT AXE-THING

I previously expressed doubts about this being turned into a good anime, but now, I am just overcome with excited…ness… at it. Blood Lad is becoming a genuine good manga, with better art, a deepish backstory, an already large cast of characters, and even some mind twisting with Staz’s last statement towards Beru. The final problem is the lack of content – unfortunately, Blood Lad really won’t have much content for a long time, if it continues at its chapter-a-month pace. Hopefully, the author will realize what a great manga Blood Lad is, and devote more time and energy towards it.

Cheers for a volume of Blood Lad completed; here’s to many more~!

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  1. Noc

    And I had faith in the manga all along =D

    I’m excited about your excitedness for the anime. Although, there’s still plenty of things that could go wrong with that even if the manga becomes something great. There’s a 99.9 percent chance it’ll get an original ending, and everyone knows how those usually work out. Luckily the manga’s plot isn’t so deep yet that it can’t be resolved easily- Yanagi’s revival would still be the climax at this point, I think, so an original ending could still go pretty smoothly. I’m trying to be hopeful, since this is the first time a manga I really love has been chosen to become an anime.

    Lil’ Staz looks like such a dreary kid.

    2011/06/19 at 04:21

  2. Little Staz didn’t figure out the wonders of animanga yet.

    The thing with original endings is that nobody can predict what they’re going to be, and so it’s even harder to predict whether or not it’ll be good. All depends on the studio…

    2011/06/19 at 05:41

  3. Noc

    I wonder if he found out about Japanese culture before or after he decided to run away? I assume we’ll find out about that later though…

    A couple of people have suggested SHAFT should work on it- they seem to think its similar to Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, and…I just don’t think it is. At all. I mean…there’s a big difference between a black comedy and a wtf-is-going-on satirical one. SHAFT is cool and all, but I think its more suited to surreal shows rather than a straightforward vampire/demon series like Blood Lad.

    2011/06/19 at 17:00

  4. That’s an interesting point – Blood Lad does seem somewhat satirical at times, yet I always get the impression the mangaka is completely serious about it.

    That takes quite a lot of talent…

    2011/06/19 at 18:17

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  6. I completely agree.

    2011/07/01 at 03:26