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French [Completed]

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(It’s not about this.)

…Hrmm. That was pretty strange. MPC-HC’s D3D Fullscreen option was turned on and I could only disable it by pressing Ctrl + C. However, that stopped the the video and somehow minimized it so that I could never see the video – I think it was somehow pushed /behind/ the desktop. After a reinstall, I managed to disable D3D, but the video only loaded its menu, seek bar, and controls – there was no video, only audio. Finally, I found a workaround – by dragging the video to the corners of my screen, it enlarges, so by doing that, I could somehow watch the video. Eh, this is really stupid, but what can you do :s

…Seems to be fixed now? Perhaps a restart was all it needed.

Anyways, I hate Mondays – I can’t do anything on the computer the entire day, because my mother is on the computer… the entire day. It’s sad, my summer is the same as a regular two months except for merely four added days… sigh.

I just finished my French test (and thus this school year) with black-and-white colours (because it was entirely multiple choice and used a Scantron sheet! Get it? Ha ha), even though it may have been the hardest French test I have ever gotten. No, definitely the hardest.

I’ll give you a sample of 20 questions (translated in English, because the French level is /really/ high) to show you the difficulties I faced on the test. Some of them are directly copied from the test, some of them are merely similar.

1. 70 – 13 = ?
a) Sixty-seven
b) 13
c) Fifty-ten-three
d) Fifty-seven

2. It is 3:45. What time is it?
a) 2:45
b) Three o’clock
c) Midnight
d) Three forty-five

3. What day comes after Monday?
a) Wednesday
b) Tuesday
c) Sundae
d) Pasta

4. How are you?
a) I am big.
b) I am hungry.
c) I am seventeen.
d) My teacher is funny.

5. What season are the months March, April, and May in?
a) Spring
b) Summer
c) Sauce
d) Season

6. The father of my father is…
a) Your father
b) His mother
c) My nephew
d) Your grandfather

7. Q: ____ you any brothers? A: Yes, I ____ two brothers.
a) Are / am
b) Have / have
c) Has / is
d) Feed / mix

8. Bob’s ideal best friend loves ____
a) eats shrimp.
b) visits monuments.
c) shopping.
d) swims.

9. ____ do you go to the restaurant today?
a) Where
b) What day
c) How
d) Because

10. ____ whom did you eat with?
a) With
b) To
c) And
d) How

11. Hanukkah is a ____ celebration.
a) French
b) Jewish
c) Unknown
d) Tasty

12. Q: Do you have my watch? A: Yes, I have ____ watch.
a) Everyone’s
b) Their
c) Your
d) My

13. It is ____ today! What a great day for a picnic.
a) Raining
b) On fire
c) Beautiful
d) Dead

14. My friends are not very active. They like to…
a) Play video games
b) Run around naked while smashing windows because of the Stanley Cup Final (well, admittedly that option wasn’t on the test)
c) Play volleyball
d) Run

15. Canada is ____ of America.
a) North
b) East
c) South
d) the Hat

16. My friends never stop talking. They are…
a) Silent
b) Lazy
c) Pessimistic
d) Talkative

17. You need ____ to make ____.
a) Flour / cake
b) Butter / chicken
c) Tacos / blueberries
d) Marhsmallows / DJ

18. During Winter, we like to ____ in the mountains.
a) Pee
b) Surf the Internet
c) Swim
d) Ski

19. New Orleans is in…
a) Canada
b) A well off the coast of Finland
c) Louisiana
d) Christmas

20. In the Summer, I often ____ in the pool.

a) Read
b) Swim
c) Cross-country ski
d) Ride horses

(In case you can’t tell, the correct answers are (I think): ddbba-dbcca-bccaa-dadcb)

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