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Hyouge Mono 5

“Episode 5 is subbed?”

Apparently, the band Cro-Magnon broke up because they accidentally nuked the world. Because of this, the producers had to come up with a snap arrangement of the OP… a really bad one. Sigh, this is why OP’s visuals are modelled around the music, not the other way around.

Or maybe Bowl Man was /just that awesome/.

3 months have passed since Senno’s ominous remark to Toyotomi.

Toyotomi reflects on what Senno has said, and after much thought, agrees – he would rather see a refined, aesthetic Japan than Oda’s gaudy one. Their words now cross into major treason, but I suppose Oda never found out. Only Toyotomi’s younger brother, Toyotomi Hidenaga, knows of their plot, and they plan to drag Akechi (and possibly Furuta too – recall that Furuta’s father is Toyotomi’s vassal) along with them.

Takayama Ukon makes a brief appearance. He is a Christian daimyo – something Toyotomi will eventually not tolerate. Though he is minor now, you can definite expect him to appear later.

It’s funny how researching makes this show so much more interesting. Expanding on what I said last time, not only do you have to write things down to understand, but researching things, even things that could be regarded as spoiling (since this is just retelling history), makes everybody’s actions that much more meaningful. One-time characters that would not even be named in other anime make a brief appearance early on to be treated with much more weight at a later time. After all, in real life, there isn’t a set ‘cast of main characters’ – there’s many, many characters, each weaving in and out of the daily lives of everybody else.

It’s also interesting – with such a large cast of characters, you can still easily tell one character from another – not because they have different coloured hair, wear different coloured frilly skirts, or that one of them happens to have a giant floating spirit of wind acting as an angry old man with a lot of fists behind her, but through facial features and their actions. Even after Toyotomi is tanned with his hair in a traditional Japanese… mohawk-thing… we still recognize him, and not only because of his big ears.

That’s how we recognize people in real life – even if somebody changes their hair colour and hairstyle, we’ll still know who s/he is. Not so in most anime.

“Our strategies include putting a row of trained cats along this side of the shore, and here, we’ll put some bales of poisoned hay.”
“But sir, what if the soldiers get past our cats?”
“Soldiers? But the general’s orders were merely not to let a mouse or a horse pass through…”

Furuta names the tea jars – Nitta, Hatsuhana, and Narashiba. Oda already has two of them, but he won’t possibly let Furuta see them. Furuta’s aesthete spirit comes through once more when he admires the thing all artists must admire – a horse. STOP HORSING AROUND

It is now December of 1581 (by my calculations, four more months have passed). Toyotomi receives eight artistic masterpieces from Oda for successfully doing what generals do, and prepares to visit Akechi with one of them. Unfortunately, Furuta swaps one of the masterpieces with his own poor imitation, and his is the gift that Akechi receives.

Toyotomi tries to win Akechi over nevertheless, even stabbing himself to bring forth tears. That’s a /real/ man-actor – you don’t pretend to cry by putting chemicals in your eyes, you pretend to cry by STABBING YOURSELF. That’s right.

It’s nice to see people try to persuade others, especially when you know their motive. Hyouge Mono’s scriptwriter is pretty awesome at this job – not only are his facts well-researched, but his manipulating of emotions to create rich, deep, characters is particularly impressive. Hyouge Mono may become boring soon, but right now, it’s still going strong.

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