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Donten Prism Solar Car 9 [Completed]

Everything’s ending – Oriko, SolCar, Light Wing… sigh. This is why I shouldn’t post about bad manga…

What else can I say – Shouta pulls through and wins the Suzuka Cup.

I guess I was wrong about this ending: “Where this manga is going to go in the future is anyone’s guess […] so then what is it going to do? End at 12 chapters?” It ended at /nine/ chapters. Totally anticlimatic, but it makes sense – after all, their goal at the start was to win the Cup, and that’s exactly what they did.

This manga is worth a reread to see how everything is just wrapped up like this. Since this was sponsored by some Japanese Engineering School, you can’t expect it to be very long – they must have decided on this 9-chapter-length very early on. For some reason, they still decide to split nine chapters into /two/ volumes, but oh well. There’s no filler chapters in the manga, and they don’t show you the boring parts of solar car racing (e.g. building the car) – just the exciting parts, like sitting in a solar car running at 5 km/h for three hours. Oh my did I say exciting

There are so many unimportant people in this manga to try to make the ending more dramatic – for some reason, people seem to think that seeing other people cry will make us cry too, sorta like the yawning thing. The sad thing is that they’re right, no matter how short the stories were. On objective thought, the ending really didn’t say much.

What else can I say – Donten Prism Solar Car is just that, a sponsored manga. You can hardly expect those to be any good, and this was actually better than I thought it’d be.

Eh, nice read.

Overall Rating: 4/10 (Good)

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