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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai Half Season Review [Completed]

I wonder what happened to that girl who fought the aliens with her nunchucks.

It’s so strange – though fat people are generally creepy and disgusting in real life (/generally/), fat people in anime are almost always awesome (if they’re a main). Look at JK, and Daru, and Poppo. They’re /awesome people/.

I was right about Poppo being more than meets the eye – that hint that he threw out when he was trying to talk to Menma obviously suggested something, but I didn’t think that it would be something as big as WATCHING HER DIE. No wonder he seems so energetic and happy all the time – he’s been traumatized FOR LIFE. At the beginning, it may not have made sense for someone like him to be flying around all over the place and not going to school, but this explanation made sense – he just tried to get away from this place, fly away, go somewhere far away… and at the end still come back.

AnoHana’s producers really have a mastery over human emotion. It’s not ‘whiny girls talking loudly’, it’s ‘seriously sad people screaming in a very un-cool manner.’ It’s not ‘guy is traumatized and never comes back’, it’s ‘guy is traumatized but is forced to come back due to some weird subconscious reaction.’ It’s not ‘let’s all grant Menma’s wish cause that’s the nice thing to do’, it’s ‘holy shit I wish that bitch Menma would go away so I could [censored] Jintan’, ‘oh my god I wish Menma would go away so Jintan doesn’t hog her all the time’, ‘wow can’t Menma just go away so I can be with Yukiatsu’, ‘FUCK THIS I DON’T WANT TO REMEMBER HER ANYMORE’, and ‘I WANT MENMA TO STAY GODDAMMIT YOU GUYS ARE SCREWING UP MY MASTERFUL PLAN!’ And they say just that in the final episode in one of those rare bouts of pure, raw, emotion.

But you’re not the person Menma wants to make cry…

If Anaru means… what it means… then does the ‘flower’ in this title refer to her being de’flower’ed? Ha ha ha ha *shot*

Her eyelashes thing at the end was especially nice, as when people cry, they generally /don’t want to keep crying/. They search for any way to cheer up, even with just something stupid as that. And that was nice.

AnoHana’s brilliance comes not only from their mastery of emotion, but also of human nature. Yukiatsu seems to have become more accepting of Jintan after that crossdressing incident first half-cour, but it was all a ruse – until the last episode, when they’re really friends again. Whereas if they became friends just through one incident, it would seem extremely cheesy, this makes more sense – more ‘realistic’, if you will.

Even so, the end still felt fake – I suppose that’s what you get for having the plot go all around the place in the earlier episodes. Perhaps another episode to stretch things out would be nice, but then again, AnoHana was short and sweet. Imagine this stretched out to two cours…

Menma represents purity – even in her style of dressing, her hair, etc. Also, AnoHana is an American propaganda anime to tell you that 1) Russians are bad 2) Japanese-Russian girls are DOOMED TO DIE FOREVER and MAKE A LOT OF PEOPLE CRY

To be honest, during episode 8, I (like several others) was aghast with shock when Menma stepped into the plot. I thought this would be horrible – I thought AnoHana was about a bunch of kids growing up, and learning to get over the past, and Menma was Jintan’s subconscious, helping them grow up. Though at the end they still grew up, AnoHana is ultimately about a bunch of kids not getting over the past, but facing it – and what better way to face the past than to have to deal with a ghost?

Ending aside, I liked how the producers acknowledged what we would call flaws in their story – if they didn’t do that, we’d have a bunch of people raging over all this because they can’t think logically. For example, the top part – the producers deliberately say that to get the idea in our heads that Jintan wants to keep Menma for himself, which is true, instead of not saying anything and getting us all saying that it was a plot failure. Things like this happen throughout – Yukiatsu not noticing Tsuruko’s love is because of his obsession towards Menma (otherwise, he would’ve seemed just stupid/harem-lead), how Poppo’s apparently not involved in any of this but is because of that incident, and the like.

>everyone’s crying

The ending was just a complete masterpiece – everybody was so direct, everything was so straightforward. Their choice of not adding in the OP at the beginning was great (it would’ve completely destroyed the mood), and adding it in at the end was great too (after all, in a drama about facing your past, you still have to go forward…)

Even the penultimate episode’s twisting of ED – just after the firework is launched, the ED is shown with the ‘Ah, hanabi ga yozora…’ line. Talk about scene-switch perfection.

That day was never shown out in full – everything was just shown in segments. Yet, all the swashes of memories added up to create a full picture. That’s why they keep on flashing back to that scene – think about how boring this would be if they showed everything in full from the very beginning.

Menma’s ghost-attributes were never explained in full – and that’s alright. That’s a plot device I can live with (no tasteless pun intended).

I have to admit – I felt shivers the entire time during the final two episodes, if only because they were both cold days. Though the ending was pretty awesome and moving, I still didn’t cry – just didn’t tug at my heartstrings enough (then again, I haven’t cried at anything except for that Sky Island arc in the One Piece manga, and that was like three years ago).

At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships, and that’s where AnoHana truly excelled. If your story has only one person, there are no relationships – with two, there’s only one (the relationship between the two). But with three, there are four relationships (A and B together, B and C together, A and C together, and when all three are together), and with the six main characters in AnoHana, there are an overwhelming total of fifty-seven relationships. AnoHana may have not showed every relationship, but the point of all this is that people change when they’re around different people. Notice how the people in AnoHana act completely differently around different people, even though they’re the same person either way.

This is something that has rarely been done before, and hardly to this extent.

This is what makes AnoHana brilliant.

Overall Rating: 7/10 (Brilliant)

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