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Mahou Shoujo Oriko Magica [Completed]

[Here, Buyuden Manga Quarterly Review rewritten]



Yuma’s parents are mean and died because of a witch, and so she became a magical girl after Kyouko adopts her, much to Kyouko’s chagrin. As she wished to help Kyouko, her ability is healing.

Mikuni Oriko is the daughter of an assemblyman, Mikuni Hisaomi. Once respected, Hisaomi committed suicide due to a scandal, and left Oriko broken and in need of Kyubey. Her wish was to find out the reason for her life, and through this, she gained the ability of precognition.

Kure Kirika is a magical girl who kills other magical girls by using slowdown magic, and Mami is forced to fight her, culminating in a reluctant draw, as Mami kept her head.

Oriko and Kirika take over the PA system at Madoka’s school, eventually forming a witch’s barrier around the whole place. Madoka, Sayaka, and Hitomi are clueless as to what is happening, and somehow find their way to safety nonetheless.

Oriko’s precognition allowed her to see the end of the world – an end where Madoka became the strongest witch, and Homura did nothing to stop her. Thus, her ultimate goal is to destroy Madoka before she can become a witch – that is, kill her before she can even become a magical girl.

Kyouko, Mami, Homura, and Yuma rush to the scene, but Kirika has already turned into a witch. They defeat her, and corner Oriko.

Unfortunately, Oriko uses the last of her power to throw something sharp at Kyubey, piercing through him… and the wall behind him… and Madoka.

Homura jumps back to the past.


In case that sounded like a cool story: it isn’t. Everything pre-Chapter-5 just jumps all over the place, and if the writer thought that people would think “Wow! Everything makes sense now! This is just like the Madoka TV series!”, they’re absolutely wrong. Chapter 6 and 7 brought everything together, but it was unemotional, unconnected, abrupt, meaningless, cheesy, confusing, shallow, and way too fast.

Either that, or the authors wanted this to be a rather long, exciting ride, but they flopped out rather quickly. Madoka was great because of the great interconnectivity between the characters. Oriko’s characters simply don’t connect at all. Yuma has no relation to anybody besides Kyouko, Kirika and Oriko’s relationship is still a mystery, Homura/Kyouko/Mami’s alliance seems to be pretty half-assed, and Madoka/Sayaka/Hitomi’s appearance is only as a cameo. Even the ending, which may have been meant to be emotional, dramatic, and/or unexpected, didn’t surprise me at all. Even if it did manage to surprise me, I probably would’ve shook it off as pointless.

Oriko tried to be cool and failed.

I mean look at the art, even! It’s an amateur pile of crap that looks like it was written by an fat emo 16-year-old teenager who dyes her hair and has a deviantArt account filled with random other piles of crap that look exactly the same. I can at least commend the mangaka for drawing so many piles of crap. If I were him/her I would’ve died at the sixteenth pile of crap, but s/he managed to draw like 140 piles of crap! That’s simply amazing, if you ask me.

Y’know, to be honest, I’ve always hated Reborn’s art. It was pretty cool at the beginning, but now there are just too many lines, too much shading, and the characters all look the same. And the hair! Oriko is that, but even WORSE. How many tons of gel must everybody have put on their hair? And why the heck did their eye surgery go so horribly wrong, in every single character? Why did they have eye surgery in the first place?!

The one thing that could possibly save this manga is if Oriko and Kazumi were connected to form a larger picture. Sad thing is – they’re not. They won’t be. Funny how Oriko, Yuma, and Kazumi & Co. are never mentioned in the TV series, huh? Perhaps these are all fan-made – and you know how bad fan-made things are. Well, actually, they generally aren’t, but this is an exception. Oriko tried to be cool and failed.

I am your falter

Eh, I think everybody else should think around the same as me – cancelled after 7 chapters, eh? Madoka’s manga is ending too, but I have a feeling even that’s going to be better than this…

Oriko tried too hard to be cool and failed.

Overall Rating: 1/10 (Horrible)

7 responses

  1. Noc

    I concur. This was a horrible manga. They could have done something great with a prequel, but instead we get this amateur doujinshi-grade garbage. Why did they choose such a mediocre artist to draw it? Who OK’ed the awful storyline? I don’t know…I’m not usually this harsh, but in comparison to the anime this spin-off failed, and it failed miserably.

    How disappointing.

    2011/06/25 at 23:48

  2. What’s worse is that it’s gotten a staggering 7.48 on MAL. I know their ratings are inflated, but seriously? That’s a bit too much.

    Perhaps we’re only thinking it’s bad because Madoka was pretty awesome… perhaps it really did just SUCK THAT HORRIBLY :(

    2011/06/26 at 01:29

  3. I’m sorry Mushy,but that’s not good enough to defeat this Madoka project.You must use SUPERNOVA on Madoka,then make a psi-shield around her.When Madoka change into her flaming metal body, spray her with a lot of water and things should be fine.

    I don’t have any feelings for this manga.And I watched the anime only cuz of Mami.

    2011/06/26 at 08:29

  4. So … another “Madon’tka,” then?

    2011/06/26 at 17:01

  5. Mami’s in this manga more than Mami’s in the anime.

    2011/06/26 at 20:27

  6. Another? Every non-Madoka is a Madon’tka.

    2011/06/26 at 20:28

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