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Tiger & Bunny Half Season Review 2

This half of Tiger and Bunny is split into two quarters – the first with the main antagonist being Lunatic, a NEXT with a different sense of justice than the rest, and the second with the main antagonist being Jake Martinez, the person who murdered Barnaby’s parents when he was 4.

About that: Barnaby’s been obsessing over the ‘Ouroboros’ organization, a terrorist group who killed his parents. The only thing he saw of their murderer was the Ouroboros logo, and he manages to track the leader down to a NEXT serving 250 years in prison, Jake Martinez.

Meanwhile, the heroes are up against Lunatic, who murders murderers because he hates hate and justifies justice. Lunatic is actually Yuri Petrov, a high-ranking judge in SternBild with connections to Hero TV, being a member of the city’s most powerful group of people – the Obama-like mayor, Mr. Maverick (the producer of Hero TV), and… yeah.

Some character is also built around Ivan Karelin, a shapeshifting (including shapeshifting the clothes he wears) NEXT wearing a ninja costume because he’s a weeaboo. Ivan, a.k.a. Origami Cyclone, cares only about pleasing his sponsors and almost never does anything in battle, but after an encounter with an old friend, he starts to MAN UP. Going with the flow of ‘let’s not put in any plot until people are on the edge of dropping the show’, Huang Pao-Lin, a.k.a. Dragon Kid, also gets an entire episode dedicated to talking about her gender identity crisis.

Also, Tiger’s wife died five years ago. I wonder if she knew about him being a NEXT and all that.

If you’re wondering how these events connect? They don’t. Until giant powered mechas start appearing all over SternBild, exploding things and killing people – giant mechas piloted by… stuffed animals? I’m not going to ask how three people got like a thousand mechas and how they hid them so that nobody noticed them at all, but apparently, Ouroboros (the culprit) also planted explosives all over SternBild and threatened to blow the entire island up.

(Actually, blow the entire island down – since it’s so densely populated, SternBild actually has three layers, supported by fucking HUGE pillars scattered across the island. By blowing up the pillars, everybody dies. All twenty million people.)

Threatened to blow the entire up… unless their friend, Jake Martinez, was released from prison. I’m not going to ask why he didn’t just blow the prison up in the first place, and how Legend even caught him, but it’s obvious Barnaby has to kill Jake to make things even.

Ivan (who shapeshifts, remember) cosplays as a member of Ouroboros to find out how they’re controlling the stuffed animals, and Jake is released from prison. Unfortunately, Jake finds out who Ivan is and stops an attempt from the heroes at rushing their hideout.

Jake and his partner, Kreim, propose a tournament to decide the fate of the city – he will challenge all of the city’s Heroes, one at a time, and if they win any match, he will spare the city – if they all lose, the city will get blown up. Sky High and Rock Bison are easily defeated by Jake’s ability to create barriers, and Kotetsu loses too, though he manages to get one kick on Jake (in his normal mode).

Agnes (Hero TV’s producer) convinces Jake to delay the rest of the match for a night – she has a plan to disable the stuffed animal mechas, as Kreim controls them through radio waves, and radio wave jammers aren’t hard to come by. Even so, the fate of SternBild still lies in the hands of Barnaby, who will be fighting Jake NEXT…

(That was a pun, by the way. Also, I think sentencing them for life is enough.)

Ivan’s pretty good at throwing ninja stars, but his biggest flaw was that he was a Russian. Russians don’t throw ninja stars. I thought for a while that all heroes had super strength as a side ability (look at Jake, Karina, even Sky High), but then I realized Ivan doesn’t, and Kotetsu doesn’t really either.

I wonder if Kotetsu’s just going to keep on getting things wrong until the final, epic episode, or just until the end of this arc. That said, the final boss still hasn’t been revealed yet – this duel can’t be the end, as on one hand, SternBild can’t possibly fall, and on the other hand, if it doesn’t, that means a hero must have won, and you can’t defeat the final boss until the end. I seriously doubt it’s Lunatic, either – someone with his sense of justice should’ve disposed of Jake when he could (when Jake visited them), but he didn’t, which means he couldn’t.

What the twelfth episode is is a great way to convince people to keep on watching – when we drop shows, it’s usually during the first episode (male pantyshots?! WHAT IS THIS SHITE), the third episode (I had a post on that), sixth episode (halfway through the cour), or the twelfth episode (a new season is starting, I don’t have time to watch this show). By putting such a dramatic cliffhanger on the twelfth episode, we /have/ to watch the thirteenth, and if the producers nail the thirteenth episode, nobody’s going to drop Tiger & Bunny.

I thought Fireball Charming C’s Engrish was pretty bad, but then I heard Jennifer’s boss’s voice, and then I realized I didn’t watch Tiger & Bunny for a while. So, I watched an episode, and GODO RACKU MODO!!!! ABRITIY TYEMUOUATO!!! Taeku heedo ofu da sunaeko een du gurasso. Theru is aruwazo a nexuto timu. Si ya.

Jake’s pretty full of himself – he thinks he’s so smart and cool and powerful. His real goal isn’t even to kill SternBild, it’s to drain public morale in Heroes. But wait, his real real goal was to make NEXTs a group of elitist Nazis, right? So then why is he beating up other NEXTs? Maybe it’s like Hitler’s purging tactics, where he could purge all Nazis that weren’t cool Nazis. Of course, that plan backfired, but Hitler’s stupid and OH WAIT JAKE’S PRETTY STUPID TOO

What’s Rock Bison’s power anyways? He seems to just be somebody with brute strength and a spinning drill. Sky High doesn’t even fly by himself, either – he uses a rocket pack. A rocket pack! I’ll bet somebody’s going to shoot that one day and he’ll just Fly out of the Sky. Sky Fly.

Sometimes, imagination doesn’t necessarily effect the good emotions. SIDNET

Eh, I thought people were going to die in Tiger & Bunny, but they haven’t. Maybe just because they haven’t developed it enough, or just that nobody’s going to die. I can still visage an ending with a super-badass (bad ass) evil boss who kills a bunch of heroes in a really emotional manner, just to get kicked down by Kotetsu’s self-destructing WAIT WHY DON’T THE MILITARY JUST STEP IN

The obvious answer is that the mechas are barricading the military’s entry roads, but it’s still very strange to think that SternBild would rely so heavily on their heroes. Then again, SternBild has the same population as Canada, so maybe the police are just handling the rest of the situation…

It’s nice to see that NEXTs are rather common (most shows just skip the percentage of superheroes statistics) – perhaps 0.000001 – 0.000005% of the population are NEXTs, even! Then again, since the majority of abilities are plain stupid, NEXTs don’t really matter that much.

I’ve still got one qualm – how does Fire Emblem stop bullets… using… fire. I mean, he gets like a fire shield (what the heck is a fire shield), and bullets… are stopped… by some fire swirling around. Doesn’t make sense, but neither does ‘I CAN SWEAT A LOT’ as an ability.

Mr. Maverick isn’t a big bad money-hungry CEO as some of us think he is – he’s genuinely worried about the population, and acts much more decisively than the poorly-elected Obama-mayor. Perhaps this is all a Republican campaign? Maybe Tiger & Bunny should’ve expanded their target audience.

I’d like to conclude with asking: just what is justice? Is Lunatic necessarily right or wrong? And why does Barnaby own five pairs of the same glasses? Why does Yukio do the same?!

“What, u mad bro?”

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