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Blood Lad 10

The reincarnated brother of Albert, the genius inventor of Steins;Gate.

Yanagi and Wolf go to Frank Enstein to solve her legs. Frank by telling us how Hell is actually a MAGICAL place, where vampires, mummies, werewolves, and ghosts co-exist peacefully. Yanagi is a ghost, which can become anything else – a vampire, mummy, werewolf, etc. in Hell. A ghost is basically a blank template, or wildcard, that can turn into something else – but after that happens, they stay as the other thing. For that reason, there aren’t a lot of pure ghosts in Hell (many of them are in Heaven, remember).

This also means that nothing of one species can perform magic of another species. Hell, being a magical place, is surrounded with Reiatsu which magical beans can harness to perform special abilities, such as becoming mexican, jumping, or becoming a magical mexican jumping bean.

Yanagi’s legs are disappearing because she did things with Staz (when he was being a transfer stud), letting some of his bodily fluids flow into her body. Yanagi’s body cannot handle vampire magic, and eventually she’ll either die or become a vampire – since vampires can’t become anything else, she’ll be stuck in Hell forever.

“Your sin is your very existence.”

The ‘shy yandere’ is actually the (perhaps insane) prison warden of Hell, Vlad T. Liz – Staz’s younger sister. She looks really annoying. Her abilities including summoning a giant fist out of the sky and summoning a giant fist out of the sky. I wonder what the ‘not guilty’ fist looks like.

She kicks Staz into Hell’s worst jail, Liz’s Toy Box – a Hell, in Hell. He’s stuck here forever unless he can defeat some challengers in a challengers’ ring. When Staz attempts to do this, Liz picks just the right enemies to counteract his ‘heart attack’ attack – zombies. These zombies aren’t your super-slow dead-human zombies, they’re two perfectly sane zombies with incredible speed and power, but they can’t swim because they ate the Chop Chop Fruit and can chop chop their body, chop chop.

Now, /everybody/ is stuck between a hard place and another hard place…

Wow, the art just went up five notches, or maybe it just was that good, always. I remember reading the first chapter and thinking that it was a low-quality, amateur manga that would stop getting scanlating after 5 chapters, but now… they even have a full-colour first-three-pages, and the shading is just godly. I wonder if the author did that, or the fans – they have a non-coloured version of those pages too, but the shading seems too professional for just amateurs…

Perhaps a reason for this is that Batoto is just too high-quality. Batoto is a super high-quality non-profit manga reader that gets the manga straight from the scanlators. Since most of the scanlators trust Batoto, the quality of the manga is just crystal-clear. It’s even better than when you buy the manga off the shelf, because even then, there might be some discolouring – Batoto just has perfect quality. Their manga releases are a bit slow, and there aren’t many titles, but that’s alright; it’s obvious Batoto’s going to replace those MangaFox idiots soon enough.

I understand that the zombies are fast because they can’t feel pain, etc., but why are the UNdead in Hell? They’re not dead for a reason… the explanation regarding ghosts does raise a possibility that Staz was, I don’t know, some weeaboo who wanted to go to Japan before he died, and then died, became a ghost, was adopted by his ‘older brother’, various experiments were performed, and it resulted with him becoming a vampire, losing his memories, and being able to squish people’s hearts.

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  1. Noc

    The color pages were done by a member of the scanlation team, actually. There is a possibility that they’ve had training for such tasks- I myself am going through school for Animation. Coloring manga pages isn’t so hard if you know your way around Photoshop.

    I’ve been secretly hoping that Yanagi might be able to harness the demon magic Staz supplied her with in chapter three, so I was happy to have it as a possibility, but her becoming a vampire would be problematic (just look at what happened with Twilight). Interesting theory you have about Staz, but him and his brother look so much alike that I’m doubting it. It might explain the ‘hidden power’ that Braz feared, though, since Frank seemed to be implying that the ghost-turned-vampire Yanagi would be quite strong.

    I also thought the zombies were odd. Maybe if Yanagi’s body hadn’t been eaten, that’s the sort of demon she would have become? Hard to say. Or maybe their products of Braz’ resurrection experiments.

    2011/06/29 at 00:33

  2. Eh, I guess scanlators can be professional too. It was pretty strange why there were coloured pages and non-coloured ones.

    Of course, we still don’t know what Braz’s experiments are about – in this strange Hell, Frankenstein’s experiments are the most humane ones?!

    2011/06/30 at 01:10