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Obligatory July the Second Post

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It’s flare’s birthday today! Happy birthday, flare! You’re now officially an old man!

Anyways, a bunch of stuff have happened that I’d like to expound upon in this long, imageless post – first, some stuff about the Canada Day parade yesterday, then some stuff about the math camp I went to last week, and finally the blog’s future for the next month or so.

But first, seeing as school’s over, I have received my report card~! And I get a sixty-seven percent in PE!

wait what


The Canada Day parade was pretty stupid, imo, but estimates of over 450,000 people attended the celebrations, so probably at least tens of thousands attended the parade. I wonder if AX had more people in attendance during a single day. Seeing as I would forget everything about the parade an hour later, I decided to write down some notes about what happened. Though I had a pen, unfortunately, I did not have paper, so I covered both of my hands and all ten fingers with notes. It was pretty messy. It also hurt.

For some reason, one of the first parading groups was a group of people wearing Jedi suits armed with guns, and this one little kid with a lightsabre. No, they weren’t armed with a little kid that had a lightsabre. How the heck would you attack with a little kid that had a lightsabre? I’m not sure how Jedis have to do with Canada, but oh well.

The ‘Vancouver Pony Club’ also had a spot in the parade. It was basically a bunch of people riding ponies with two people behind them to pick up the poop the ponies leave behind. I’m not sure how that has to do with anything either, but oh well.

Funny thing was, everybody in the Vancouver Pony Club (what kind of stupid club is that, anyways? Sounds like a club from Gin no Saji) was a blonde teenaged girl, except for the driver (who was a time travelling Mexican with a penchant for breaking into dance). Speaking of drivers, there was even this one group about… something… that was basically some people standing on top of fake grass planted on top of two cars. But the driver had to see where he was driving, so you have these people standing on top of grass, and suddenly in the middle of the grass this TIME TRAVELLING MEXICAN’S HEAD POPS OUT. Talk about creepy.

I believe there was also a scene from the Wizard of Oz (what does that have to do with Canada? Oh well), which had the main characters (sans lion because I think lions are too dangerous) standing around on a bunch of fake grass, pulled by… a crane. Talk about disjointed. You have this giant, metallic, rusted, unnatural truck with a giant crane on top of it, and behind it there’s fake grass with a bunch of people standing on around.

Of course, since it was Canada Day, there were many groups showcasing their country, such as a Japan group, a Korea group, and a Hawaii group… wait what

Well, not everybody was being stupid. For example, a bunch of dancers were being very patriotic to their country, by dancing a Traditional Brazilian Dance. This dance consisted of several scantily clad fat tanned women wobbling their bottoms at high speeds. I also liked how the all-Westerners breast cancer society group decided to add a pink Chinese dragon to their parade. It made a lot of sense.

Did I mention scantily clad fat tanned women? Well, turns out there were also several scantily clad not-that-fat not-tanned little girls. One group was from the something-or-other academy of dance, which happened to consist of solely scantily clad skinny white little girls. I sense a lot of sexism and racial segregation here – you only see white people in the obviously not-limited-to-white-people dance academy, breast cancer society, and… pony… club, you only see black-haired people in the marching bands, and you only see Korean people performing Traditional Korean Dance. I liked the traditional part where a person would put a stick on their head and turn it at high speeds. It was very traditional.

About the black-haired marching bands, what was the point of putting woodwinds in a band with three rows of brass and two rows of drums?! Nobody can hear them. I’ll bet /they/ can’t even hear themselves. The marching bands were totally out of step, but at least they weren’t as out of step as the Scouts were. Man, that was a terrible march.

I also liked the part where the people from the Aquarium dressed up in bird feathers, because birds live under water, and they also have feathers. At least that was less disturbing than the walking Kyubey-Dolphin guy, which was basically a wallking Kyubey-Dolphin guy. Did I mention how every mascot created ever looks like Kyubey through my eyes? Besides Namaste-chan.

The audience was quite something, too. The cameramen looked like homeless people and realized the immense artistic potential of taking pictures of scantily clad little girls’ legs. Some guy climbed on top of a historic statue to see the parade. One of the first people in the parade, a police officer driving a police car, seemed to be sleeping. A bunch of Japanese people wearing shoes that made it hard to run had to run because the police officer driving a police car was driving too fast. The Traditional Native Canadians decided to drink bottled water as a traditional and natural thing to do.

WM was also present at the parade, and threw out garbage. As in, they had a rolling garbage bin thing, and they threw garbage out of it at the crowd. Of course, because the parade was a very artistic, traditional, and cultural symbol of Canada, the garbage was represented by a green bouncy ball. This wasn’t as weird as the bus that rolled into the parade with four random people sitting and looking very scared at the back, a bus mascot that nobody had ever heard of at the top, and the bus’s sign still displaying ‘Sorry. Not in service. Sorry. Not in service. Sorry. Not in service.’ At least they tried to cover up the ads on the bus with a giant Canada flag, unlike the rest of the parade, which was basically a giant advertisement for the respective parading groups. Some groups passed out coupons. Some groups passed out mini Canada flags. WM passed out free garbage. Some religious group passed out a folded sheet of paper with only three ominous words in all caps in front: JOIN US TODAY. An interesting advertising strategy, but ultimately useless, as we didn’t know what group to JOIN THEM TODAY.

Of course, a bunch of conspiracy theorists came out, demanding the truth from 9/11. A bunch of other conspiracy terrorists also came up behind the crowd of onlookers. Did I say conspiracy terrorists? Sorry, that’s exactly what I meant.

All in all, I stood for too long and now my knee is dead forever.

Next, Math Camp.

It was a week-long thing that cost me $50 and had me walking out with $100 worth of items and $50 worth of food and drink.

Although it was fun in there, ultimately it’s the same as taking drugs – while you take it, it feels good, and it’s all great fun, but afterwards you realize that it was a waste of time, and that people are going to arrest you for wasting taxpayer money.

I mean, some people didn’t even care about the camp, skipping class, playing games, and the like.

So, it was basically a huge waste of my time, but at least I stole $100 from unsuspecting civilians. u jelly? deal with it losar

Finally, what’s going to happen to this blog in the future?

I plan to complete the HSRs for a bunch of shows that I haven’t done it for, this season, last season, and last last season. This includes [C], Deadman (because terribad shows are cool), Moshidora, and Kaminomi 2, as well as Beelzebub, Gosick, Shiki, Bakuman, and the like. Azazel and Exorcist posts will come out when the episodes are released.

The next non-anime-post-post will be the Summer Season Preview, which I haven’t yet started. I plan to get that done in half a week, probably.

I’ll continue waiting for Hyouge Mono and Black Lagoon to blog, as well as start going through manga and unleashing a wrath of MQRs.

Finally, this season, I’ll be episode-blogging Steins;Gate. I expect Steins;Sub to catch up very soon, and then, I won’t be three episodes behind everybody else anymore!!

tl;dr I accidentally the Wikipedia page for Steins;Gate and the ending

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  1. Sounds like a pretty normal parade to me, but then again I don’t really like parades so I guess that doesn’t mean much.
    Also, is it really Flare’s birthday? Happy birthday, then, Flare! Enjoy!
    Also, also, I wanna be jelly. : (

    2011/07/02 at 18:29

  2. No, no you don’t.

    2011/07/03 at 04:35

  3. :<

    2011/07/03 at 05:44

  4. Thanks for remembering about my birthday. :) (That goes for both of you.)

    @I’m not sure how Jedis have to do with Canada, but oh well.

    One word only-Hayden Christensen

    2011/07/03 at 20:26

  5. Oh man, he’s a Vancouverite too!

    2011/07/03 at 20:36