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Buyuden 14

“After all, I train for three days straight every day!”

Happy Independence Day! This was the day when Canada defeated America and pound them into a mound of fat dust, right?


Moka recovers and finds out that Isamu isn’t training at the park anymore! Instead, he’s training at the gym, which apparently belongs to Hoshi cause he’s such a good basketball player, ho, shi. After just ten days of probably just playing basketball, Isamu manages to touch Moka. The end.

I’ve always thought this was a little bit low quality. I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m not reading it on Batoto, or if the scanlation just sucked. I’m sure the manga’s really professional – just look at the shading, an amateur can’t do that. Not only does the scanning suck, but the translations suck even more. It sounds like some Mexican trying to hide in Russia because he only speaks Italian and is trying to learn Egyptian as a second language decided to scramble up funny French words into his Google Translated version of some of these translations. Seriously.

Not much more to say, is there? I’m merely blogging this because I think it’s going to be /very/ interesting later on (prepare as my thoughts fail, as it had for the previous n series I thought would be interesting that were all cancelled before chapter 20). If you’ll realize, we’re eventually setting into a schedule of Anime-Manga-Anime-Manga-Something Else, and I’ll generally try not to bombard the site with too many MQR/HSRs at one time.

That said, this manga has gotten off to a rocky start, but I suppose slice of lifes can’t be as interesting as some of the other manga out there. It’s still being released weekly, so there’s still room for a lot of hope!

Hoshi’s also an adept baseball player, if you get what I mean

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