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Gangsta 3

A/0 no Exorcist: Nicolas Blown

Nina is this little girl who suddenly appears at the Benriya’s place one day. Apparently, she’s a regular ‘customer’ of Warrick’s who comes there to ‘play’ a lot.

She works at Dr. Theo (possibly related to Dr. Frank Einstein)’s office as a nurse/secretary/something, and brings to Nicolas some medicine in exchange for his ‘services’.

Actually, Dr. Theo’s clinic is getting harassed by some people, who Nicolas then quickly dispatches. Warrick explains to Alex that Nicolas is a retired mercenary, a special type of mercenary who identifies themselves using dog tags to convey ‘power levels’, in a sense. The levels are ranked A, B, C, D, etc. (with A being the best) and each level separated into several stages – 0, 1, 2, etc. Whereas the leader of the ring (a really, really powerful guy who smashes peoples’ skulls open with a punch) is a B/2, Nicolas is an A/0 – presumably the best, or at least one of the best.

Of course, there’s probably going to be a S-class introduced later, but that’s not the point.

Very interesting chapter, adding more backstory and perhaps a more shounen-style plot about the Benriya levelling up and defeating the super evil S/0 boss. It seems unlikely now, but as series progress, random shit generally happens.

I like how both of them have very interesting backgrounds – Warrick with his missing (or perhaps… SPECIAL SUPER POWER) eye, Nicolas with his involvement with elite mercenaries.

Seems like Gangsta somehow slipped two chapters past without me noticing, so I’ll be catching up on this series. It’s very irregular, but it’s still a nice manga. Also, so many doctors introduced why

Final note: I have that feeling that Nina is pink-haired. Manga is so stupid nowadays, there are only five shades (white, light, medium, semi-shaded, black) which will definitely become a hair colour according to the chart I have made:

Shading | Male | Female
White | White | White
Light | Blond | Pink
Medium | Blue | Blonde
Shaded | Purple | Orange
Black | Black | Black

(So far it’s worked 100% of the time, ever since it’s creation 20 seconds ago. 25 seconds. 29 seconds.)

3 responses

  1. Noc

    What?! You didn’t edit any of the pictures this time…

    This is another manga I enjoy reading, although there aren’t many chapters out yet. I like how its gritty without being ridiculously bloody or pornographic. Considering what goes on in these first few chapters, I don’t think there are many mangaka who would have been so discreet about getting things across to the reader.

    Gangsta comes off as a pretty realistic series for what it is (more than most, as least) so I’d hate to have that ruined by unusual hair colors. Sadly, your chart really is pretty accurate.

    2011/07/09 at 03:16

  2. Yeah, that and how in every anime Japanese people just look like whites :/

    re: not editing pictures: https://onewdesign.wordpress.com/tag/completely-unedited/

    (I figured that collage about Nina ‘playing’ with Warrick because she’s his ‘customer’ was enough, Nicolas’s face just had to be put on, and without a picture of Dr. Theo nobody’ll know who he is when I mention him again)

    2011/07/09 at 03:49

  3. Noc

    That’s because anime was originally inspired by Disney =D! Although I hate acknowledging that…

    I recently tried reading a manga about an exchange student that came to Japan from England. She was very loli compared to her high-school classmates, and everyone kept commenting on how small and adorable she was. This pissed me off because unless she was a dwarf she should have been taller than everyone, or at the very least the same height. Its very bothersome how reality is ignored for such petty reasons. But anyways…

    I guess I’d just come to expect paintshoped chapter summaries for this manga. It’s fine though. Nic’s face is too crazy to paintshop anyways, and there was the collage.

    2011/07/09 at 04:33