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Buyuden 15

Star Sports Gym, eh.

It’s Summer and Isamu, Moka, and Hoshi go to Hoshi’s father’s gym to spar. Moka defeats Hoshi, who runs away crying. Suddenly, Hoshi’s sister appears and invites Isamu and Moka to train in their gym! What will happen to BIG STONE THUNDER?

I feel like Buyuden’s rushing a bit, introducing so many characters so quickly. It’s interesting to see development of Hoshi’s character, even though it still feels rather simple – that high-headed kid who thinks he’s boss, and can’t handle losing.

About character, it’s pretty funny to see Isamu’s development – he was that high-headed super cool smart kid, but that quickly degenerates into being simply comic foil and that clueless otamot. That move was rather bad by the mangaka – maybe he only acts that way around Moka and Hoshi. Either way, it’d be nice to see him revert to his elitist self for once and actually be cool again.


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