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Gangsta 4

(I was going to post something else but stuff happened and now it’s pretty late and I don’t have time to write up a MQR/HSR, so here’s a post I already finished.)

Nicolas easily finishes off his opponent.

It’s funny how in action-battle series, guns are hardly ever used or underpowered – Bleach, One Piece, Toriko – and in series where they are used, swords are still used anyways – Ao no Exorcist, and that arc of Black Lagoon, for instance. I understand it’s because the quality of a gun doesn’t determine the ‘strength’ of a person, but people who are trying to not get killed should at least use some firearms, y’know? Even Dr. Theo’s way of ‘attacking’ is stupidly risky – why don’t they just be like Worrick and use guns?

Apparently, the city that Gangsta takes place in is Ergastulum, and Chado is a really high ranking police officer there. I wonder if Ergastulum is only that bad section of the city, or whether it’s the entire city. All in all, that slum portion can’t be an entire city on its own, there has to be some nice places. It’ll be interesting to see the story progress to those sorts of places.

As for the story, since this tagging system seems very international, it’d be cool if Gangsta became an international-level story of some super big crime syndicate or something. Not many stories go international anymore – they usually just stay within one country, or even just within one school. The only two I can name off the top of my head are Gash Bell! and Index.

In conclusion, this author can’t draw moe – I mean, seriously, their faces.

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  1. Noc

    But given how overused it is these days, being unable to draw moe might be one of those flaws that makes a person more appealing- oh wait, isn’t that moe?!

    The sword thing does bother me from time to time. Their cool and all, but guns are just so practical. In this series though I’d say its clear that the only reason why Nick can kick ass with a sword is because he’s inhumanly powerful to begin with. That’s why when semi-normal people like Warrick want to kick ass they use guns, and when doctors want to kick ass… they use needles…? ‘Kay, that one’s a bit iffy.

    I’d also like to see Gangsta go international with its story. Even back when I was younger this seemed like a rarity.

    2011/07/15 at 02:32

  2. Maybe Nic (Noc!)’s unable to use guns because he hasn’t trained with them or something? I mean, they still require practice…

    Although a possible explanation to why the doctor uses needles would be that he doesn’t think he’s that brute of a man, and wants to deal with matters ‘in a professional manner’. :v

    2011/07/15 at 03:05

  3. Noc

    That could be the case.

    As could that.

    2011/07/15 at 04:34

  4. “….. I understand it’s because the quality of a gun doesn’t determine the ‘strength’ of a person, but people who are trying to not get killed should at least use some firearms, y’know?”

    Never bring a knife to a gunfight. :)

    2011/07/15 at 05:23

  5. Of course, unless you’re proficient in slicing bullets… or slicing guns.

    Then again, we have to notice that he was fighting with a sword against someone fighting bare-handed, so… (maybe he thought he could punch bullets out of the air, y’know)

    2011/07/15 at 17:11

  6. I’m not particularly worried about the gun or bullet being sliced as much me. If an adversary (No matter what he is armed with.) is within 21′ of you he is within “striking range”. Even an out of shape individual can take less than 2 seconds to get to you in that distance.

    As for slicing bullets, a trick used at “turkey shoots” is to mount an ax head with the edge facing toward the shooter. Hit it “edge on” & the bullet is sliced.

    2011/07/17 at 03:01

  7. Didn’t mythbusters do something regarding slicing bullets? :/

    Anyways, it’d be cool to see an older, maybe civil war era manga, where swords are really on par with muskets (due to reload time etc.), and bows are also used. It would make a lot more sense than using swords in this modern age (especially as when Nic was fighting, there were tons of other people around him – if each of them had a gun, what would he do? inb4 ‘dodge all the bullets’)

    2011/07/17 at 18:42

  8. Not familiar with Mythbusters as I don’t watch TV. Only use my set for my vid collection.

    “Let them come at us with their stupid sabers, We’ll let “em have it with our carbines!” Not sure which cavalry commander said it (Mosby or Forrest.). Their units had access to those newfangeled cartridge weapons (Spencers or Henrys). A cav man usually had at least one cap and ball revolver. As for massed infantry, I’d think twice before going after a bunch of guys with a sword even if they’re only armed with muzzle loaders. A skilled infantryman determined to stand his ground could reload plenty quick, Then there’s always the bayonet. As for a Mass of bayonets …..

    2011/07/18 at 17:41