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Steins;Gate 15

Apparently, Daru is the inventor of Suzuha’s time machine, which Rintarou inadvertently borked due to thunderain thundering the machine into disoperativeness. Whilst confirming whether Suzuha or Amane was her first name on Wikipedia, I accidentally tripped upon spoilers regarding Mr. Braun’s true identity, even though my post is merely a few days late, and the next episode should come out Tuesday. Fucking visual novel players.

SERN, having received funding from many intellectual organizations, is able to monitor the communications of the entire world, as they have persuaded their sponsors that spying on the entire world because somebody might create a time machine is a better use of money than feeding starving African children or researching time machines using multibillion-dollar equipment, as jobless teenagers are obviously more capable inventors.

Using their monitor systems, they were able to detect that Rintarou’s sending of one text message was actually a time machine, and subsequently dispatched Moeka to deal with it. Suzuha’s main goal in going forward to the past was to save the world, and to do this, she must change the timeline so that Rintarou never sent that one message. Just as she prepares to do so, however, her time machine borks due to thunderain thundering the machine into disoperativeness. She requires a capable fat man to fix this problem, who is not amused at Rintarou’s terrorist antics.

Neither is Mayuri, but the thoughts of dead people should not concern us. Rintarou leaps forward to the Nostalgia Drive’s creation, and then back to two days before, at which Mayuri’s opinion does matter. While Daru is busy fixing Suzuha’s time machine, the useless idiots others try to find Suzuha’s father, who left behind with him nothing but a pin proudly proclaiming “OSHM***A 2010”, words so foul that I shall not deign to post such vagrancies on a respectable post. After much cool searching, the ‘mad scientist so cool’ finally has a lead on Daru Barrel Titor’s identity…

Aw man, now that everything is revealed from what I read from the manga, I have no spoilers to secure an advantage over other people. I’m going to say a spoiler in the paragraph after the following paragraph, so be warned.

The thing with reading source material (e.g. VN, mangoes) is that they limit your thinking. If you read half of a manga before the anime airs, you’ll think ‘well, this manga is canon, so it must go this way…’, only to find out that, no, that was actually fake, and the anime actually goes that way instead. This is what happened to me, sorta.

I read Boukan no Rebellion, which showed a bit of Suzuha’s backstory, including her mom and dad. (SPOILERS, I SAY) They apparently met as otaku, her mom looked like Feyris, and her dad looked like Daru. But that can’t be, as Feyris’s name isn’t Amane, and also, her dad was skinny and not-fat (sorry, Daru, even if the six cans of coke you drink every day is zero-calorie you’ll still get fat). Yet, besides appearance, it all makes sense – the inside of the time machine is similar to the phone microwave, her dad was one of the first people to make a time machine, etc. Why haven’t the rest pieced it together yet?

Of course, Mayuri has, with that comment about Daru and Suzuha being cool. Mayuri has two possible paths to walk down – one where she has a dark past, and is actually much smarter than the crew think she is due to her poor characterization, and the second, where she’s nothing but a person to be acted upon, and doesn’t even require a personality, as she’ll merely be a human object to save. It is weird that all of the main characters all /matter/ (notice how brilliantly they tie back the rest of the gang AND the IBN5100 in this episode), besides Ruka. I wonder what s/he’ll do later on.

Steins;Gate’s plot is still legend-tier right now. Everything fits – the IBN5100, the thunderstorm, Suzuha, and the way they go back and back in time but there are no OOCs or paradoxes is just amazing. In other anime, time travel is this weird plot device that allows homeless idiots to wield spoons to save the world, but in Steins;Gate, time travel /is/ the story, and everything else is this weird plot device. This is what happens when you have an anime that’s not tied down to a manga (e.g. an original anime), but still has already developed plot to aid it (e.g. the visual novel).

In conclusion:
a) Steins;Sub is fucking awesome. I mean their font looks cool, alright.
c) Roberta’s Blood Trail is out, but it’s too big so I’ll wait for a smaller encode.
1. “…it’s a mission to save Mayuri.” <- That is a COOL LINE
2. "I can do anything. Believe in me." <- That is a COOL LINE
3. “Tetris.” <- That is a COOL LINE




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