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No. 6 1

Thursday, July 7th. Shion had everything.

Until a homeless boy crashed into his real life.
“Somebody ran through the window into my house they ate my dinner!”

noitaminA presents, the most powerful animated event of the Summer.

“They’re saying I’m gay and I’m some sort of Ecology major.”
“Nobody believes that stuff.”
“Shion actually came to school today…”

Find out how words can hurt.

“It’s really hard to see you in this much local anaesthetic.”

Kaji Yuuki and Hosoya Yoshimasa.

“And when all those people started shooting bullets at me I felt like I was such a fugitive. Like I was the only one.”

A new, noitaminA adaptation of a novel, about finding your strength and taking a stand against digital dystopia.

“There is nothing wrong with asking for help!”

The world première of No. 6, Thursday July 7th at 25:15 28:15 Central. Only on noitaminA.

(I still don’t understand what 8/7c means)

I’m totally blogging this because I can write a post on No. 6 9

Shion’s an elite 12-year-old genius. After coming home from his not-girlfriend, Safu, ‘s house (I never get how to put those apostrophes properly), he opens his window during a typhoon and yells out at the top of his lungs cause that’s an ordinary thing to do. Unfortunately, an escaped prisoner, Nezumi, climbs into his house from the opened window.

Nezumi’s being chased by people cause, y’know, he’s an escaped prisoner, and was shot. Shion, just like all 12-year-olds do, knows how to suture, but of course he only knows enough to be able to extract a bullet from a person’s shoulder and sew it back up, because he majors in ecology and isn’t a doctor. Nezumi isn’t just a normal rat, though – he’s able to MAKE HIS BODY TURN INTO RUBBER BECAUSE THAT’S THE ONLY WAY HE COULD’VE ESCAPED FROM THOSE BARS

Probably not, cause there’s that chance Nezumi’s actually a trap set by the government – they willingly released him for some reason. That’s also probably not true, because the government of No. 6 seems really nice – their citizens are happy, they trust them, there’s virtually no violence, everybody helps each other, and there shouldn’t be any reason to do anything bad, right? I mean, the citizens of No. 6 are so cool they’d even help people who threaten to kill them. That may just be the elite citizens, but that’s even better – after all, what’s the point of having elites if they don’t use their elite skills to help the not elite? Noblesse oblige, right.

No. 6 is actually a giant upside-down floating spaceship, that’s why it’s so perfect

It is rather nice, this future – they’re connected with technology but not spoiled with it, and they seem better children than the children of today – look at how Safu helps her grandmother. I feel sorry for her grandmother. Not because Safu helps her, but because she feels so sad – when she says that ‘all I can do now is garden and knit’, it feels really disheartening, because maybe deep (or shallow) inside, we all just want to work and succeed in competition, but fool ourselves into thinking we’d like to relax on a beach all day. That’s exactly what Safu’s grandmother’s got, and though she’s ‘happy’ on the outside, being able to do nothing but garden and knit, I’m sure she’s really quite sad inside – after all, she can’t do anything but garden and knit.

There’s a lot of things that can be taken from this first episode, but I’m not sure they were planned. For one, when Safu begins her lecture about neurology, she mentions that they’ve learned something through experiments with rats… rats… could they be talking about a human ‘rat’? Nezumi? It’s entirely possible. The inside of Shion’s house is brightly lit, so even when there’s a storm outside, it still feels nice and warm inside – could this be referring to the citizens of No. 6’s unintentional ignorance of the horrors of the ‘outside world’? And finally, when Shion gives Nezumi the sweater his not-girlfriend gave to him – isn’t that just blatantly stating that this would be a BL series?

I suppose I should comment on the BL, but I think you guys all know what my stance is – it’s alright if it doesn’t ruin the story. If it does ruin the story, then it’s not alright, and since it /has to/ either not ruin or ruin the story, I’ll talk more about that later on. It was cute this episode, though.

In conclusion: HorribleSubs’s filesizes are the best filesizes.

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