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Ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 1

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Ore no Kouhai’s ‘first’ chapter begins at the end of the Episode 12 True End, where Kuroneko meets Kyousuke in school. She then proceeds to introduce herself, and fails Yuru Yuri style. The end.

I guess Ore no Kouhai’s trying to continue the light novels in manga form instead of waiting for a new anime adaptation (if it ever comes) to be announced. I wonder how far the Ore no Imouto manga has gotten?

The art for this manga is nice and clean – a lot of white space. Maybe the mangaka doesn’t know how to draw male faces, though. I wonder if that was on purpose, or if s/he really did just suck at that.

Kuroneko’s talking to Saorin on the phone, but I wonder if that’s Saorin or Kirino (her hair colour). Or if the mangaka also sucks at shading black hair. Or maybe he forgot to shade it. She. S/he.

It’s funny how so many people have Shiori-thoughts – not just girls, most otamots talk to themselves an awful lot. It’s also nice that Kuroneko and Saorin know that Kyousuke’s a creepy bastard, because seriously, I feel like he’s getting darker and darker. What dark secrets could he be hiding about his relationship with his sister?

Sometimes, I wish that that Akagi and the game club president would be developed more – it’s like, Oreimo has a bunch of girls and one boy, but they want more profits from people who hate harems, so they put in a few male characters that could just as well be female due to their lack of characterization, and think people actually buy that? Well, some might, but I certainly don’t.

In conclusion, I’m following this manga because it’d be a shame to end something that has had so many things happen to it already, and we all know light novels are zombie fodder (i.e. reading it mushes your brain and will make you into a zombie, and of course we all know that zombies are the best zombie fodder).

I wonder if this is going to be weekly or monthly.


HERE, TO ALL CHESS PLAYERS, CLICK THIS LINK AND READ THE FIRST PAGE. Holy shit that was the funniest shit I’ve read for like a week and a half. Also related: I write a short story (comment #38) about the BEST CHESS GAME OF ALL TIME (totally not inspired by Koizumi).

I thought this post wasn’t badass enough. NOW IT IS.

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  1. “Heck yeah deuuuueeeed!That so keeeeewl!But my german-strawberry-omlete strategy is gonna own ya all.”

    ///Dear diary up in the heaven,today I decided to put my chess back in the closet.I hope it stays there this time.///

    2011/07/21 at 19:37