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No. 6 3

Nezumi’s mice are actually water-resistant micro-robots (or are they?) that he uses to spy on No. 6 in the hopes of engineering the city’s downfall. As Shion settles into the ‘West District’ (No. 6’s landfill, and the home of Nezumi and many others), he begs Nezumi to contact his mom, who rebukes him and instructs him to forget about his previous life.

Disaster soon strikes as Nezumi is infected by the wasp, but Nezumi swiftly deals with it – by ‘deals with it’, I mean ‘cuts Shion’s neck open without using anaesthetics. Though the mortal threat was averted, Shion now suffers from albinic attributes, including white hair, pale skin, and red eyes.

After learning of many mysterious ‘accidental’ deaths covered up by No. 6, Shion suspects that the epidemic is more than skin-deep, but his optimistic thinking is harshly rebuffed by Nezumi’s rejection of the people in No. 6, in a standard Fractale-esque clash between ideologies.

The episode ends with Shion and Nezumi visiting a run-down inn run (down) by Inukashi (the Dog Keeper), who rents the inn out for low prices, using large dogs as makeshift heaters. Shion is struck by a sudden thought – wasps usually don’t come out in the Winter, since that’s when they hibernate. Instead, they come out during Spring. If those deaths by wasps were unlikely to happen…

what’s going to happen in Spring?!

I don’t get the distinction between wasps and bees, even after a brief excursion onto Wikipedia (apparently, wasps are everything that looks like a bee but isn’t a bee or an ant), but Shion probably does, being an Ecology major. It’ll be interesting if he uses his Ecology major-ing skills to solve the world by releasing a wasp-eating predator or something, though that wouldn’t be very effective, as the predator would, y’know, need to eat through people’s necks, which would probably cause the same result as the wasps would anyways.

It is also interesting that Nezumi’s mice aren’t controlled by him, have artificial intelligence embedded, or are actually real mice. Each of these provides an interesting plot point – if they aren’t controlled by him, then the anti-No. 6 organization is obviously going to be very deep and far reaching (Lost Millennium, anyone?). If they have advanced AI, then Nezumi’s obviously much smarter than a 16-year-old fugitive should be, and would hint at a very interesting past. Finally, if they were actually real mice, Nezumi might have an interesting ability that could be put to use in future episodes. This conclusion was reached when the rat invited the duo to eat dinner – something that Nezumi could not have instructed it to do (unless he’s insane, which, hey, is also a possibility)

Shion’s perception of the world seems very first-world – while others are struggling to survive, he dreams of a big, grand future. Whether that’s bad or not is up to you to decide… of course, another production decision.

If I didn’t before, now I have high hopes for this show. Managing to blend possible political intrigue, fast-paced adventure, and wincing horror while still peppering it with a good dash of philosophical discussion (or is it a dish of philosophical discussion with a coating of story on top?), No. 6 is truly a noitaminA show.

P.S. So many No. 6 posts in a row because I had no time to make a ‘real’ post today. Turns out this post was longer than I expected, though…

P.P.S. What is a noitaminA show characterized by, anyways? They go all over the place with everything…

P.P.P.S. I hope I didn’t have to explain what I was thinking for the first and final pictures. It’ll be hilarious if the pairing becomes canon.

P.P.P.P.S. Post Post Post Post Scriptum of a Post, eh.

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