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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Half Season Review

How long has it been since I last watched this?! Sigh, I wonder if I’ll have anything to write ab-







its name is c but it has no name
(funny thing is, [C] actually is noitaminA’s 26th show)

If I just went through my notes ‘in order’, it’d be a stupid mess, so I won’t do that. Don’t believe me? Here’s what I have from my notes (minus plot details)

– micro (greek, small) microscopic, mezzo (italian, middle) mezzo-soprano, macro- (greek, large), macrocosm
– Pin code = Personal Identification Number Code
– The voice is monotone at times and American at others
– The first episode is so surreal
– Even at the start, you notice the difference in wealth and time – Kimimaro’s busy studying for a test not there yet, and Hanabi’s just breezing through class. He’s eating 200 yen ramen while she’s eating 630 + 80 yen what-is-that? But later on he buys the expensive meals – it’s the details that matter
– Their heads are so small, it looks like a bad Korean manhwa
– That person at the convenience store sounds like a robot
– So they say entrepreneur as anturenpureneru and everything else doesn’t have any bad engrish?
– Kimimaro freaks out… just like a normal human!
– Do they speak Japanese or English, and why would they speak Japanese in an obvious American district
– Are damage/winning based solely on money used to launch attacks?
– Mashyu has fangs…
– Nice to see them jump into a fight from the very beginning to explain concepts
– Does Masakaki talk to every prospective Entre?
– Masakaki is animated with 3D CGI…
– That girl’s voice changes when she’s narrating and when she’s talking – two sides, I suppose
– How do they still run with those wounds
– Shimada-san is that guy who works in the convenience store. Why does Kimimaro still work in the store when he’s in the Financial District

Notice three things:
1) I have impeccable grammar and spelling, punctuation aside;
2) My notes are logical and allow me to form a post without having to think about the anime itself, and indeed with this set of notes even after 50 years I’ll be able to create a thoughtful and philosophical anime post even though I’ll’ve completely forgotten about the anime, its plot, and its characters;

HAH AHA HA AHAHAHHAHAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA SEE MY INTELLIGENCE?! NOW NOT ONLY DO I NOT HAVE TO ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT THE ANIME AT ALL, I DON’T EVEN NEED TO WRITE A POST! I CAN JUST SHOW YOU GUYS THE SEVEN HUNDRED WORDS OF NOTES I HAVE HERE HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAa-no. To be honest, since I’ve forgot so much about [C], I’ll warn you that this post will go all over the place and not make seven types of sense. Rather, make seven types of non-sense.

The problem with [C], similar to other anime like Shiki and the Legend of the Legendary Heroes is that you can’t really write down the plot – there will always be some little detail you missed that will become a crucial point in later episodes, and if you wish to cover all those little details, it’s better to just tell your audience to watch the show, or go away if they plan on not watching it.

A brief overview – this guy is in the middle of an economic crash in Japan, when suddenly, a person approaches him and invites him to enter the ‘Financial District’, an abstract place where people trade their lives’ futures for money. A powerful guy in the Financial District plans to use his money to save the economy, and philosophical discussions follow.

The philosophical discussions obviously follow around the lines of what money is for, what people should do with money, but also other things such as the world’s future versus your own future, balancing different things, and the like. The powerful guy actually single-handedly supports Japan’s entire economy, and thus if his future were to be lost, the entire country of Japan would fall. Such are the scales that [C] operates on.

However, since I’m not knowledgeable around these fields, I don’t plan to expound upon them, as they have been much discussed around the ‘sphere and other areas. What I will pick on is some of the small details in [C] that don’t really have anything to do with money.

The first is the weirdly ‘uncaring’ nature of Japan’s citizens – when a person was run over by a train, instead of gasping and trying to find help, the passengers complain about being late to work. This could either mean that a bunch of people get run over by trains (and that’s a problem in and of itself!), or that when a person is in a significant problem (in this case, monetary), they tend to stop caring about other people.

Imagine you love animals and are a capable vet who can save and heal animals. In fact, whenever you see an animal in need, you immediately go to help him, even if you’re on the way to an important meeting / it’s dangerous to save the animal / you’re tired beyond belief and just want to sleep. You’re on a plane with your vet equipment when suddenly, it crashes onto a deserted island. A bunch of people survive, including you, and your vet equipment is unbroken, and thus you are still capable of saving animals.

Is saving animals still your main priority right now?

No. In a time of personal danger, whether it’s immediate (getting mauled by a bear) or long-term (stuck in the midst of an economic depression), we will only think for ourselves. After all, don’t we only think for others because it makes us happy? What’s the point of thinking of others to make us happy if we’re going to be dead? The survival of yourself is the most important thing in the whole universe, because, face it – whatever you do can only be enjoyed if you’re alive. You can debate this by saying ‘lololol but if i dy n i sve othrrs i will happppy!’ That’s an argument for another time.

(hint: this isn’t a minecraft pig)

If there are four things I want in life, it’s:
1) A laptop (this is priority number 1)
2) A phone (but I won’t use it, I’ll just have it so that I LOOK LIKE ONE OF THE COOL KIDS ;_; but actually even if I had to chance to get a phone I probably wouldn’t because I want to feel like I’m not spoiled even though I obviously am)
3) Minecraft (but I won’t play it, I’ll just have it so that I FEEL LIKE ONE OF THE COOL KIDS ;_; but actually even if I had to chance to get Minecraft I probably wouldn’t because I want to feel like I’m not a gamer even though I obviously… wait, no, I’m still not a gamer)
4) Money (this is priority number 0 so that I can buy all of the above)


Ahh, people should stop discriminating against people without fancy phones or apps or whatever. I was in class and this teacher specifically came up to me and said, “Give me your phone. You’re not allowed to have a phone in class.” BUT I DIDN’T EVEN OWN A FUCKING PHONE SO I WAS GOING TO PUNCH THE TEACHER IN HIS FUCKING FACE but instead I shrugged and said “I don’t have one.” The teacher looked at me with an evil eye and then went to collect phones from the rest of the class WHO ALL HAD PHONES and I was like OH MY GOD YOU GUYS WHY DO YOU EVEN NEED PHONES YOU’RE FUCKING HIGH SCHOOLERS NOBODY EVEN FUCKING TALKS TO YOU but I didn’t say that because it would insult myself and I don’t like insulting myself because it makes me feel sad.

The final comment about [C] – food.

What exactly makes us like to eat food?

You can’t exactly say that food’s a good part of life. If we didn’t need to eat food, we wouldn’t spent so much time eating food, making food, advertising food, creating restaurants to sell food to other people, advertising restaurants, suing restaurants for their food, having viruses spread because of food, having viruses spread because of waste, have toilets, complicated sewer systems for solid waste, we wouldn’t need sinks or drainers or garbage cans or compost bins or overly elaborate composting landfills, we wouldn’t need that godawful smell, we wouldn’t have so many diseases around, and so much TIME would be freed up, so much TIME and SPACE and MONEY and LIFE, because nobody would die of poverty and starvation and hunger.

But we like it anyways.

I think this is more of a ‘God made us do this, now let’s deal with it’ scenario than a ‘Oh man, eating food is the best thing ever!’ It’s all based on the illusion of relativity – we’re incapable of understanding ‘true’ values (except for things like the fundamental forces and the speed of light, which are surprisingly constant). When you’re hungry and you eat, food tastes better – when you’re full and you eat, food tastes worse.

In conclusion, eating food doesn’t make us feel good – it makes us feel not bad. One can argue that it’s the same, but my point is, when MSYU ate food, it shouldn’t have felt good unless she was feeling bad. Something is DARK BEHIND THE SCENES HERE

“Such an intelligent person should have guessed that the yellow one was a cheeseburger.”

I don’t know what I was talking about, so I’ll [c]onclude:

I can’t really see the economic metaphor everybody’s talking about that supposedly pervades all of [C]. Perhaps I’m not economically intelligent enough? :v

I don’t understand [C]’s point of view on these matters – it seems more like they’re just telling a story, that happens to have different sides and opinions to the story. That’s interesting, but it’d be more interesting to see what the production team thinks about these issues, kinda like propaganda movies of the past.

I just saw Eisenstein’s Alexander Nevsky (hosted on YouTube, which somehow manages to host full-length movies) because of Prokofiev, and it was a movie of BADASS. The Germans actually THREW BABIES INTO A FIRE and the ice literally cracked in front of their eyes, so most of them drowned. Of course, that’s not very accurate, but it’s a propaganda film, and that makes it all the more interesting (you can obviously see the anti-Catholic sentiment throughout). A must watch, definitely. That had everything to do with nothing.

tl;dr what

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  1. Mushy said:”//[In a time of personal danger, whether it’s immediate (getting mauled by a bear)]// or long-term (stuck in the midst of an economic depression),//[we will only think for ourselves.]//”

    You’ve gotta be one heck of a RoboCop in order to survive/remain conscious after a bear attack.Oh,a person will be selfish in that situation if he/she is still alive:”Oh,boy!I am going to find my splattered guts and leave this forest without giving a damn about my friends/mates.And when I get home there better be some ice cream in the fridge or I am going to leave my parents and start living with my grandma.I am going to start working in a glue factory and with the money I get,I am going to buy buckets of ice cream,which are going to be only mine!Grandma will have to settle for the out-of-date-yogurt which she stores in the attic.”

    For each view on this post a baby bear will be mauled by a human.

    2011/07/26 at 00:58

  2. :(

    I don’t understand

    Also you don’t have to run fast during a bear attack, just run faster than the slowest person in your group :( /ok that was mean

    2011/07/26 at 03:44

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